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To Trump Or Not To Trump?

That is the question….


Pick your poison. Do you want —

the grand panjandrum of Trump University and other scams… or the shameless lady who added to her own sleazy fortune by accepting (or doing nothing to stop) donations from foreign governments to the Clinton Foundation while she served as U.S. Secretary of State?

Do you prefer —

the America Firster who insults other nations and wants to bully Mexico into building a wall that will keep our people safe from their people (with all their “rapists,” “killers,” druggies, and other low-life)… or the Blame-America-Firster who had the audacity to blame the terrorist attack that killed four Americans in Benghazi, including Chris Stevens, the U.S. ambassador to Libya, on a video made in the U.S.?

Are we better off with —

a presidential candidate who boasts of his adulterous sexual exploits… or a presidential candidate (she of “the vast rightwing conspiracy”) with a long history of denigrating other women while defending and enabling a sexual predator and accused rapist — her husband, the former president?

Is the nation more likely to thrive with —

a president who may set off a global depression in starting a trade war with China and Mexico… or a president who wants to preside over the final descent of the United States into another kleptocratic socialist dictatorship like Venezuela or Argentina.

On foreign policy, do you give the nod to —

someone who doesn’t know the difference between the nuclear triad and a called strike three… or one of the architects of the Obama’s administration’s chaos-producing policy of snubbing longstanding allies and sucking up to our worst enemies.

As a matter of personal preference, do you like —

a big tub of lard who hurls bizarre accusations at his rivals (come on, Ted Cruz’s father a conspirator in the Kennedy assassination???) … or a shrieking harridan who makes you want to throw a brick into your TV screen?

And finally, if someone is going to lie to you, how do you like them to do it? Do you prefer that they do it with nonstop bombast and blather that cover over a mass of contradictions and a refusal to address serious issues in a serious fashion… or the old-fashioned bodyguard of lies — stonewalling, being endlessly evasive, and, when necessary, having the balls to act criminally in the destruction of evidence contained in government property?

For me, the choice is obvious. It is to say to hell with both candidates.

Come November, I will not vote for Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton. I will cast my vote for whoever is running on the Libertarian ticket and I will support candidates in other races who share my own belief in limited government under the rule of law… and in the power of a free market to do what government cannot do — which is the creation of growth and prosperity that everyone with a mind to do so can share in.

In talking about how the establishments in both parties have tried to “rig” the nomination process against outsiders, Trump has taken to likening Bernie Sanders to himself. He and Bernie are fellow travelers twice over: in their shared hatred of free trade and in their shared belief in magical thinking when it comes to the use of government power to do whatever they want it to do. My fondest hope is that Sanders will take Trump’s words to heart and decide to run in the general election as an independent, openly avowed socialist.

That would raise the possibility of a presidential debate that would worth watching — not just the awful Trump and the wretched Hillary, but the two of them, plus Bernie and an articulate libertarian who could make mincemeat out Bernie’s idiotic talk in calling for a new socialist “revolution.”

If this country (under either Trump or Clinton) is going to venture farther down the socialist path, we should have a good debate about it first.

Nothing of the sort happened in the Democratic Party debates — with Hillary’s me-too-ism to all Bernie’s calls for free college and free everything else.

Let bring on a real debate in the last few months of this catastrophic election season before we turn off the lights on free enterprise and the America that Lincoln called “the last best hope on earth.”

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