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Tim Tebow and Leftist Reactionaries

I’m forced to ponder whether Focus on the Family engineered what turned out to be the tepid Tim Tebow ad to make pro-choicers look foolish. If they did, they scored. Big time.

After weeks of issuing press releases, doing the cable news circuit, blogging, and generally having collective conniptions, feminists look pretty foolish for getting their — um — undergarments in a knot over the commercial.

The ad wasn’t that big a deal. It didn’t contain any buzzwords — not “abortion,” not even “life” — and it’s made social lefties look like rabid reactionaries. Case in point: Jehmu Greene, president of the Women’s Media Center, said two weeks ago on the Bill O’Reilly show that the ad was trying to take away choice “from all American women.”

That was pre-mature considering no one except CBS producers saw the ad or the script for the ad until it aired last night. In retrospect, it was pretty stupid of pro-choicers to go to the mat when they weren’t sure what the final message would be. Now, they’re paying for it.

Utterly embarrassed, but wholly undeterred, pro-choicers are now moving onto attack strategy 2.0: accuse the ad of encouraging domestic violence against women. Puleeze.

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