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Throwing the President’s Weight Around

When the president’s annual physical results were released, you knew anything short of White House physician Dr. Ronny Jackson announcing that Mr. Trump was suffering from late stage dementia and was in desperate need of a heart transplant was going to outrage the media, who, of course, know better about the President’s health than his own physician.

One of the more ridiculous memes widely cast out by Trump haters after his physical were side by side photos of Trump and hard body chiseled athletes who are listed as approximately the same height and weight as the President. Get it? The President and his doctor must be lying, as no way Trump is the same height and weight as a world class athlete such as Tom Brady pictured next to him.

Such comparison as proof of anything is beyond dumb. Routinely, as a sports executive, I have stood shoulder to shoulder with world class athletes. I know how tall I am, and I can’t count how many times I had a few inches on athletes listed as the same height I am. What you quickly learn is the height and weight of athletes listed in the media guide is a number that is often cooked up by the team.

Say you’re a 5’10” player. Usually your height is rounded up to six feet so as not to embarrass the athlete and so forth. Of course, this also works the other way. You’ve got a player who has been packing on the pounds, you can bet the mortgage that they’ll shave 20 pounds from the real weight. Do you actually think the San Francisco Giants will list Pablo Sandoval’s real weight in the media guide this spring? And did you know Babe Ruth was listed as 225 pounds in his playing days, 14 fewer than Trump’s 239? Put a side by side photo of the two of them and Trump’s weight claims look modest in comparison.

The other problem with comparing your weight to a world class athlete is muscle. I’ve also had the experience of standing side by side with professional athletes who are the same height as me but who are listed 25 pounds heavier in the media guide than what I know I weigh. Yet, if you saw us side by side at the beach in nothing but our swim trunks you would recommend I drop a few pounds, while thinking the athlete looked in great shape. Hard body muscle, it seems, has weight.

All this is silly of course, as whether the president is 239, 245, or 231 pounds doesn’t matter as a barometer for fitness for the office. What is amusing is the hypocrisy of the left for suddenly being concerned about what people weigh. Hillary Clinton, who has the same body type as my favorite Major League pitcher, Bartolo Colon, spent most of the campaign fainting, stumbling, hobbling around in walking casts and wearing dark shades on cloudy days. Yet, it was only media sources on the right who would dare to question her fitness for office. One can only imagine how accurate her claimed weight would be if she had to reveal it in public.

But since body mass seems to be something the Democrats are suddenly concerned with, let me make a helpful suggestion. Anyone running in the Democratic Primary for the 2020 election should be subject to a public weigh-in the night before each debate, just like they do before boxing matches. That alone, I would imagine, would thin the field (pun intended).

One can only imagine what Oprah Winfrey would do in such a case. Depending on where she is on her never-ending cycle (as like many of us) of gaining and then losing weight, she could send Weight Watchers stock tumbling if the weigh-in happened during a bad week.

But that is just me fat shaming Oprah and Hillary to make a point. Fat shaming is, of course, a term made up and controlled by the left. God help you if your use the term fat, tubby, chubby, curvy, overweight, beer-bellied, big-boned or any possible derivative thereof in public. You will be labeled as insensitive and treated on the same par as a racist, even if your use of the adjective was spot on.

The kicker, of course, is the people who believe fat shaming is a terrible crime against humanity have no qualms about doing just that if it helps them demean and make fun of someone who they don’t agree with politically. There is a term for people like that. It’s called bigoted.

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