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This Sun of York and Who to Blame

Now is the winter of our discontent
Made glorious summer by this sun of York;
And all the clouds that lour’d upon our house
In the deep bosom of the ocean buried.
— Richard III, in Shakespeare’s Richard III, Act I, Scene I

On Election Day, Donald Trump, the “sun of New York,” brightened up winter for a lot of Americans. This wasn’t universal. The Left’s punditry immediately sought someone to blame for his success. It turns out the American people have disappointed them. Columnist Roxanne Gay, an associate professor of English at Purdue University, wrote one of the first attacks to pop out of the New York Times’ box of tricks. As is often done with opinion columns, a photo of her was placed by its title. In it, she is holding her head in her hands as if to keep it from floating away — a wise precaution on Election Night as it might otherwise have flown high into the sky like Hillary Clinton’s aborted victory fireworks, there to explode in an “Aww” inspiring sparkly spray. Gay opens her column, “The Audacity of Hopelessness,” with:

I was confident, not only because of who Mrs. Clinton is. I was confident because I thought there were more Americans who believe in progress and equality than there were Americans who were racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic.

Gay should set up a macro in her word processor to punch out “racist, xenophobic, misogynistic and homophobic.” It’s less colorful than Clinton’s irredeemable “basket of deplorables,” but that’s a phrase that won’t be used frequently in the future. Better to go with the plainer insult and a macro would save her from carpal tunnel syndrome. I suspect her typing would still sound like a machine gun whenever she feels the urge to vilify her fellow Americans.

According to Gay, the Americans who voted for Trump are racist because he is racist because he said we should be careful about admitting Muslims from terror hot spots and that some of the Mexicans sneaking into the U.S. are criminals, including drug smugglers and rapists. First, Islam isn’t a race. It is a theocratic ideology that places clerics over any government and has adherents apt to kill anyone not a devotee. Being skeptical of it isn’t racist. Secondly, setting aside that illegally entering a nation is a crime all around the world, there are criminals in the millions of illegal immigrants. Ask Jackson County Texas Sheriff Andy Louderback about MS-13, a Hispanic gang that has flourished with open borders. He told “We have multiple deportees using machetes, scalping [, and hacking victims] to death.” The person, whose hacking he had in mind, was 14-year-old Jose Meraz. The gang ordered him to kill his cousin. He was murdered for refusing.

MS-13 isn’t just a Texas problem. It’s spreading. The gang has killed 30 people since 2010 in Brentwood, New York, on Long Island, a town of 60,000. Is Brentwood becoming Deadwood?

Americans, who have welcomed millions of legal immigrants and routinely expend blood and wealth to help other nations, aren’t xenophobic. Far more xenophobia can be found outside our borders. Mexico limits the ability of foreigners to own land. In Japan, citizens of Korean descent aren’t allowed to use their Korean names. France’s L’Académie française laboriously invents French terms to avoid the pollution of English words. Mot-dièse is their word for “hashtag” despite it being unable to serve as a hashtag because of its hyphen.

Misogyny is a charge that Trump, in Lefty eyes, could have only refuted by being born female. A sex change wouldn’t have helped. Some feminists reject male-to-female transsexuals as “inauthentic” because they benefited from the “privilege” of being born male. Even women born with the requisite equipage can be inauthentic. Women who are conservative or pro-life or think their fathers, sons, and husbands shouldn’t be berated and pushed to the back of the bus for being male are considered such. They’re called ignorant or things more vulgar. Sarah Palin can tell you all about that.

BS-ing with a bro about sexual exploits in private isn’t nice, but didn’t the women on Sex in the City do something similar, albeit cleaned up for TV? Non-fictional ladies also discuss sex explicitly and swear. A British study reported that women use the F-word 546 times per million words, while men use it 540 times (in 1990, men scored 1,000 times and women 167 — men are cleaning up their act faster than women are fouling theirs). Clinton contemptuously directed F-bombs at subordinates, including Secret Service agents. She fawned over the rapper Jay Z, who, at a Clinton rally, sang: “Middle finger to the law, n***a, gripping my b****.” Beyoncé also performed at that rally, bending over to display her bottom to the crowd while singing through her legs. Michele Obama, who got the vapors over Trump’s bad language, invited both Jay Z and Beyoncé to the White House for her husband’s birthday party. Beyoncé also attended a White House Easter Egg Roll.

Homophobia is another phony charge. Most Americans don’t care how some choose to enjoy their anatomy. Many do care that religious beliefs are being made illegal. Why should a Christian, who thinks it would be an endorsement of homosexuality, be forced to bake a cake for a gay wedding. Muslim bakers aren’t being forced to cook up anything they don’t like. Homophobia is institutionalized in Islamic lands where gays have been executed by being thrown off buildings or having walls pushed over onto them. Misogyny is also prevalent there. A dress your maiden aunt might wear to church could get a woman a flogging or worse. Those who want to import immigrants raised with virulent homophobia and misogyny, not the reluctant Christian bakers, are endangering the safety of American homosexuals and women.

Gay goes on:

I am terrified that the more virulent of Mr. Trump’s base will see his election as permission to act on hatred.

Prof. Gay, take a deep breath and sip some herbal tea. Does Purdue, like so many colleges, have “safe spaces” equipped with stuffed animals and soothing music for you to retreat to? Trump’s voters aren’t hate-filled monsters who will rage through the streets seeking out Lefty heads to put on pikes. Violence is part of the Left’s toolbox. Find some other bogeyman to give drama to your life. And, by the way, the person to blame for Trump’s victory is Hillary Clinton.

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