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Thinking Along With John Kerry: From ‘A’ to ‘B’

A friend of mine likes to say to me very often: “Without A, there’s no B.” The truth is that in many instances this is correct. If I don’t text and drive, I’ll probably be less likely to swerve into other lanes, and probably won’t rear-end another car. If I don’t overspend, I probably won’t go broke. And, if I exercised and ate right I’d probably feel a whole lot better about myself. This is called logic, and common sense, and for most of the modern world this is how we survive, and exist. But, what happens when our thinking is diametrically opposed to that of at least 200 million people roaming the earth — where there can be a B without an A?

When John Kerry states that if the U.S. were to moved its embassy in Israel to Jerusalem the Middle East would explode — well, for starters, the Middle East has already exploded. What is the difference between Mr. Kerry’s logic, and the implication that a woman dressed in a short skirt would be cause for rape? Rapists don’t really need a reason to rape, and honestly don’t care what a woman looks like or is wearing. Maybe, children never leaving their houses would solve the pedophile problem. That’s not “sort of” what you are saying, Mr. Kerry, that’s “exactly” what you are saying. The notion of telling Israel it is better off with the Iran Nuke Deal is no different than a white person telling a black man that slavery was “working.”

It’s a women’s body, and it’s Israel’s land. It’s pretty plain and simple. Honestly, I’m not sure why this bothers you and your boss so damn much, or maybe I am. This notion of peace is a joke that will never, and I repeat never, happen. Pedophiles and rapists have the highest recidivism rate in our penal system. They can be locked up tight, without pictures, without women, without boys, or whatever it is that turns them on. They will always have the inclination to act out. They were born without a switch. Does this stink for them, and society? Yes, but it stinks way worse for us when we ignore realities.

Nature, nurture, or who the hell knows what. But, I have to tell you, the illogical and moronic idea that without A there is no B in the Muslim world, is insulting and offensive to those of us who see reality for what it is. I don’t know why so many were born without the switch, but the why, really, is not my problem. The problem, which we have ignored for far too long, is the reality. This mistaken idea of negotiating; how exactly do you negotiate with someone willing to live in a cave? Do you think you can offer them a better cave? How do you negotiate with someone who straps a backpack on in the name of Allah, or drives a truck into markets with the promise of 72 virgins? How do you negotiate with that? Do you have an “in,” in heaven, to get them 144 virgins, if they turn themselves in?

Nation-building and peace processes haven’t worked. Another friend of mine used to say to me: “Reality is something that doesn’t like to be ignored.” Well we sure try, don’t we? Yes, the reality is that we are dealing with people who don’t have a switch and have the inclination to murder. In the Old Testament, when there were bloodthirsty men like this, they would be forced to become slaughterers of animals, with the hope of squashing their blood lust. We know PETA would never be on board with that, plus, I’m not sure whether we have enough livestock to quench their thirst.

Mr. Kerry, would you allow a pedophile around your grand kids, or a rapist around your daughter? Hey, maybe you would, because you do have a sick and twisted mind. But, for the sake of my argument, and agreeing that you have a balanced and sane mind, of course you wouldn’t. On the Left, what’s good for the goose is never okay for the gander. What is this sick and demented thinking? That, if a woman would dress more modestly, she would avoid getting raped? That, if a child were to never leave his house, he would never get molested? That is exactly what you are saying with regard to Israel. It is what many Democrats said, during the election, with regard to Mr. Trump being used as a “recruiting tool for ISIS.”

I will say this one time, and one time only: ‘These animals and savages do not need recruiting tools.” For them, there does not need be an ‘A,’ followed by a ‘B.’ Yes, this stinks, it does, and, Lord knows I wish this wasn’t the case. Am I comparing radical Islamists to rapists and pedophiles? To be clear, you can bet that I am. So, Mr. Kerry, in terms you can understand: for us civilized folk, if you don’t buy ketchup you won’t have ketchup, if you don’t get daily Botox injections you won’t look like Maniac Cop. And to you out there wondering “Why is this such an important issue,” and thinking: “Enough with Israel,” the following can be the only outcome. Continuing to treat A like our enemy, in the hopes of making B our friend, we will not only lose A as a friend, but B will destroy us.

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