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They Only Blame America

Having inflicted so many bad decisions and wrong-headed policies on our nation’s security, you might think that President Obama and his team would be content to rest on their depredations. But they are ideologues, which means they never tire of doing their best to do the worst.

Their ideology was first defined by the late Jeane Kirkpatrick in her speech to the 1984 Republican Convention. In it, she characterized liberals as the “blame America first” crowd. For example, she said:

When our Marines, sent to Lebanon on a multinational peacekeeping mission with the consent of the United States Congress, were murdered in their sleep, the “blame America first crowd” didn’t blame the terrorists who murdered the Marines, they blamed the United States. But then, they always blame America first.… The American people know better.

We did then and we still do now.

In the three decades since her speech, the liberal ideology has evolved. It now requires that America not only be blamed first for all of the world’s ills, but that America is the only blameworthy entity.

This goes far beyond political correctness which is, after all, the conformity of cowards. It is a mindset with which Obama and his fellow radicals have infected our allies, our military, and our media. This liberal ideology mandates an answer to a Marxist (Chico, not Karl) question: “Who ya gonna believe, me or your own eyes?”

The reason they all parrot this obvious falsehood is that for them to do otherwise would be to admit that something other than America is to blame for the atrocities of terrorists. This they cannot do without admitting the comprehensive falsehood of their view of the world.

It’s a compulsion of disbelief that qualifies as a mental disorder. The Only Blame America crowd is all around us. They require us to believe them, rather than our own eyes, laws, or Constitution.

The president, as well as our current military leadership, talk about “Violent Extremist Organizations” instead of Islamic terrorists. The media does the same.

For example, just this past weekend, when a bomb exploded, injuring dozens in New York, Mayor de Blasio was quick to assert that it was an intentional act but wasn’t terrorism. After a knife-wielding attacker went on a rampage in a shopping mall, the St. Cloud, Minnesota police chief didn’t connect the attack to Islamic terrorism even though the terrorist, when approaching his victims, reportedly was asking them if they were Muslim.

According to a PJ Media report, “CIA Director John Brennan said this week that terrorist groups ‘have been unfortunately successful in attracting individuals to their distorted ideology and distorted interpretation of various religious faiths’ largely due to lacking political and economic reforms in many countries.”

Brennan links two fictions: first, that there is more than one religion involved; and second, that only the poor who lack a political voice turn to terrorism. He does so in accordance with the ideology that possesses him and his boss.

The Only Blame America crowd has a derivative belief: that because only America is blameworthy its laws and Constitution are unworthy of respect.

That was the message of FBI Director James Comey’s 5 July presser on Hillary Clinton’s email system. He recited the facts comprising her extensive violations of 18 US Code Section 793(f) and then concluded that no reasonable prosecutor would take the case to court.

Comey also said that among Clinton’s emails at least seven email strings were classified at the “Top Secret/Special Access Program” level at the time they were sent. He said that Clinton had the responsibility to know that they couldn’t be sent on an unprotected system. Further, he said that while foreign countries could have accessed these emails, there wasn’t sufficient evidence to say definitively that they had.

That conclusion was the basis for the announcement last week by Jim Clapper, Director of National Intelligence, that there wouldn’t be a damage assessment done to see what harm to our national security resulted from Clinton’s “extreme carelessness” – in Comey’s terms – in handling classified information.

Under Intelligence Community Directive 732, dated 27 June 2014, “Damage assessments shall be conducted when there is an actual or suspected unauthorized disclosure or compromise of classified national intelligence that may cause damage to US national security.” Not may be conducted, shall be.

Given the fact that Clapper signed Directive 732, he can’t claim ignorance of it. The only conclusion we can reach is that he is another Obama toady willing to ignore the rules to protect Hillary.

Everyone who has even scanned the news in the past year knows that Hillary’s emails were unprotected against any foreign government’s interception. The fact that the FBI didn’t find clear evidence that they were isn’t relevant to the decision on making a damage assessment. One is required because any reasonable person would have to conclude that there is a “suspected unauthorized disclosure of classified intelligence” information when it is sent back and forth on unprotected email systems.

Top Secret (Special Access Program) matters don’t always contain intelligence information, but most often do. Given the fact that the intelligence community was the originator of the data on Clinton’s emails and was responsible for its classification, it’s a near certainty that it was, in whole or in part, intelligence information.

Damage assessments are important for a variety of reasons as illustrated by the executive summary of the 15 September report of the House Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence regarding Oliver Stone’s new celebrity-hero, Edward Snowden. (The remainder of the report is classified.)

Snowden, as the HPSCI report says but the movie certainly won’t, is a serial liar. A mouse of a man, he abused his position as a computer systems administrator for NSA. Using stolen passwords and concealing his actions, he stole about 1.5 million secret documents, including top secret material regarding some of our most closely-held secret NSA operations. With them, he absconded. He now lives in Moscow. As the HPSCI report says, in June 2016 the deputy chairman of the Russian parliament’s defense and security committee conceded that “Snowden did share intelligence” with his government.

As the HPSCI report says:

Some of Snowden’s disclosures exacerbated and accelerated trends that diminished the [intelligence community’s] capabilities to collect against legitimate foreign intelligence targets while others resulted in the loss of intelligence streams that saved American lives…

The HPSCI expresses concern that the Defense Department and the intelligence community (“IC”) have done damage assessments differently. DoD did one reviewing all 1.5 million documents Snowden stole, but the IC only assessed damage based on a small sample of them. And the IC says it doesn’t want to do more.

That, at least, is consistent with Clapper’s determination that no damage assessment will be done on Hillary’s email system’s probable disclosures. It’s also consistent with the lawless behavior of the Obama administration since its inception. Clapper, like Obama and the rest of his team, are charter members of the Only Blame America crowd.

For so many reasons, it’s a great pity that Jeane Kirkpatrick has passed away. She would have known that the only way to correct the damage done by the Only Blame America crowd is for our next president to forthrightly and resolutely adopt an ideology that is the polar opposite of theirs. That is entirely unlikely regardless of who wins in November.

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