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There’s Never a Right Time

Every day, Americans and people around the world go into work with a modicum of job security. Always, though, with the lingering thought: will today be the day, will my key card stop working, will I have to hand in my hardhat? From small to big business, uncertainty is part of business, and if you don’t have these fears, you are either delusional, a Hollywood executive, a university professor, the media, or work in government.

A few years back, a friend of mine was at a party with a celebrity, who was going through the ringer. This celebrity had just broken up with his pregnant partner, and was taking a media beating. My friend, jokingly, said: “How could you leave her while she was pregnant?” Being caught up in a storm, and, obviously, not understanding my friend’s humor, said celebrity responded with a brilliant answer: “When is the right time? If I leave her after the baby is born, I’m a bad guy. If I leave her when the child is two, I’m a bad guy, so, you tell me when is the right time?” Chuck Schumer questioned and many are questioning: “Why now?” Well, Chuck, to quote the sage Hillel: “If not now, when?”

To be clear, there was never going to be a “right time” to fire Mr. Comey. Between the President’s first day, to his last day, he did and always will take criticism from the Democrats, from the left, and from the media for almost any move or action he takes. The difference between President Trump and other Republicans is that the President knows this. The one and only question that should concern all Americans is: “Had you been as derelict in your duties, as he had been, would you still have a job?”

These views in Washington; on how to fire, if to fire, and, apparently, almost never to fire, is why we are in this mess in the first place. In Hollywood, you just switch studios, in our universities, you have tenure, in the media, you move to MSNBC, and in government, we have endless hearings, which have a beginning, a middle, but never an end. Enough with this moronic notion of government sacrifice. Yes, it’s a monstrous sacrifice to serve in our armed forces, and for all bureaucracies that protect our health and national security. But, really, what is the sacrifice in being a congressman, senator, or head of the FBI? It’s not a sacrifice, it’s a damn honor.

Every day, from grave diggers, to miners, people work their butts off for an honest day’s pay, often putting their health and lives at risk. They too are being of “service” to this great nation, and I can guarantee you that if the ditch doesn’t get dug, or the coal is not mined, they too would hear “you are fired.” Most Americans do not have an ounce of job security, as do our government employees, not one ounce. From government pensions, to health care plans, to very good wages, service “my tuchus.” Thank you for your service, no sir Mr. Bureaucrat; it’s “you’re welcome,” for allowing you to serve us.

So what difference does it make if the President said: he “had confidence” in James Comey? Was he supposed to say he didn’t? You would have heard the same exact uproar from the same exact people. What it comes down to for these shills on the Hill, is they truly believe they are beyond reproach. From football coaches promising they will stay with their programs, to spouses saying till death do us part, leaving is part of living, except in Washington. A place where today’s congressmen are tomorrow’s lobbyists, and Never Trumpers are top Republicans.

There is no right or wrong move for the President in the eyes of the media, the left, and, sadly, what once was the Democratic Party. It’s all not just wrong, but maliciously evil. If Chuck Schumer was choking, and the President gave him the Heimlich, he would complain the President hurt his ribs, and call for an investigation. It’s time, you in government got a dose of reality, and knew what the rest of modern civilization is keenly aware of on a daily basis. At any moment, security can usher you in, give you a couple of minutes to remove your belongings, because you have just been told: “You’re fired.”

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