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There Will Be No Trump Pivot

They are Brian Johnson, they are Allison Reynolds , and, of course, they are John Bender. They are everything the late great John Hughes wrote about: the outcasts, the mocked, the scoffed, the shy, the talented and the scared, all wanting a voice, for more than just a Saturday. Many were a bit nervous, praying to themselves, saying to themselves: “don’t you forget about me,” wondering as you walked on by, whether or not you would call their names.

I know the media always expected the president to ditch the Trumpicans and go back to being with the cool kids. It’s what disturbs them so much. The media are the cool kids. They are the Andrew Clarks, the Claire Standish’s, the Lettermans, and the prom queens. Eating sushi for lunch, while everyone else eats a sandwich and pixie-sticks, or nothing. Heck, they’ve been taping Larry Lester’s butt cheeks for years, with no remorse. Week after week, year after year, Republican’s/conservatives/citizens just sat there and took it.

The media held out hope that the president would “pivot,” the media’s word for “back-stab his supporters.” It was a con. The hope was, that after the primaries, he would pivot/betray. After the elections, he would pivot/spit on his supporters. Surely, by the inaugural, he would “pivot.” Why hasn’t he pivoted? Doesn’t he get it? It was just a Saturday in detention. The media are your friends, not the outcasts, and undesirables. We have the seat at the table saved for you. Acknowledge us, not them! That’s part of the social pact. If you don’t, we will go “scorched earth” on you.

“Scorched earth” they have gone. They haven’t ignored you or your supporters in the hall. They are trying to throw you in the lockers, and give you swirlies in the toilets. They haven’t just taken away all empty seats at the table, they have made it clear that you aren’t even allowed in the lunch room. Yes, it’s modern-day warfare. The seat at the table is now Facebook. Getting thrown inside the lockers is getting unfriended. Having your butt cheeks taped together, well that one they will still try and do. After all, it’s only tape. It’s cute, not violent, like breaking windows and setting cars on fire.

Media, you have a problem! Republicans are no longer okay with getting their butt cheeks taped together. They like their underwear where it belongs: around their waist, and not their heads. They like seeing annoying pictures of food, and how their fifth cousin once removed is doing after his fifth stint in rehab. What they don’t like is seeing themselves being forced into a locker. Americans, now, have a president, who is making sure that won’t happen. I have no idea if it was President Trump who was their voice, or if they were his voice. But one thing I know for sure, right now, is that he’s not going to pivot. That doesn’t mean that his supporters are always going to agree, and see eye to eye on everything. But at least that’s better than not being seen at all.

So, Dear Media, to paraphrase:

They accept the fact that they had to sacrifice a whole Saturday (years) in detention, for whatever it was they did wrong (think differently). But they think you’re crazy (dishonest) to make them write an essay telling you, whom they think they are. You see them as you want to see them (and as how you will always see them), in the simplest terms (since they are simple), in the most convenient definition (“idiots”). But what they found out (in the last few years) is that each one of them is a brain (dare to ask and question)… and an athlete (Tom Brady), and a basket case (what you have tried to make all who disagree), a princess (you making sure they will never get one), and a criminal (be honest you do want to criminalize opposing thought). Does that answer your question?

I know it won’t, but “La La la la la la la,” as he walked on by, he remembered their names and so did Sean Spicer.


The Deplorables (American Citizens)

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