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The Worst Halloween Ever
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I have been alive for 74 Halloweens, and this is the scariest Halloween yet, by a very long way.

For starters, Halloween has been canceled altogether here in Beverly Hills. When I was a child back in Silver Spring, Maryland, we kids could go out trick-or-treating by ourselves as soon as we could walk and hold a flashlight. Every household gave out candy or fruit. No one put razor blades in apples. No one was kidnapped.

Then there were razor blades in apples. And abductions. And rapes. So, for decades, kids had to have their parents or a parent with them. Then households stopped giving out candy or fruit. So Halloween became a much smaller event, except for gay people, who went absolutely crazy for the holiday in our neighboring town of West Hollywood.

Now, as I said, here in Beverly Hills, there is no Halloween at all. None. It’s banned. Why? Covid. There’s no Halloween in West Hollywood, either, which, for gays, would be like what canceling heart surgeries at the Cleveland Clinic would be for patients who needed bypass surgery.

But it’s far worse than that, because three days after what would have been Halloween, there will be an election. A president who has done a spectacularly good job on the economy, not just good, but spectacular, has been attacked in the most vicious way imaginable by the mass media, the academics (so-called), the left wing of Congress, and the most violent street gangs calling themselves “Black Lives Matter” when they don’t care at all about the huge majority of black lives lost to violence, or Antifa — “anti-fascists” who of course are the closest thing this country has ever had to the fascist Nazi SA, the “Sturmabteilung” or “storm troopers” who beat Jews and anyone else they felt like beating. Donald J. Trump, the object of all that hate, is fighting for his political life. He is wildly opposed by racial and religious minorities to whom he has been magnificently generous. The attitude of most of my fellow Jews towards the most pro-Jewish president since Nixon makes me weep.

This Halloween, when this genuinely great president is haunted by authentic monsters, is a terrifying Halloween.

It gets worse. This Halloween, because of fears of violence by Antifa and Black Lives Matter, the key shopping street in Beverly Hills is closed until the day after Election Day. The police and sheriff’s deputies will be on double shift. They have been having riot training for months.

The truth that Election Day, the most vital day under the Constitution, must be attended by armed police and deputies, with the National Guard in the wings, is a sign of how far we have fallen.

Today, a young woman introduced herself to me at lunch. She said it was a shame that both parties were possibly turning to violence next week.

“That’s not at all true,” I told her. “Republicans do not riot. The story that they do is just a leftist media myth. Republicans vote. They donate. They shout. They never turn to violence. That is the big difference between the parties.” It’s criminal that the media lies about it.

So, here we are on Halloween. The most frightening Halloween ever. Abraham Lincoln said that because we had two huge oceans separating us from Europe and Asia, no foreign power could ever subjugate us. But, he added, domestic violence could do it.

It’s happening, and this is the worst Halloween ever. My prayer is that the voters of America will not turn their backs on a great man, a peacemaker, a prosperity maker, a patriot, and will instead keep him in office another four years. When I was younger and marched for civil rights for black Americans, I used to sing, “We Shall Overcome” and “We Are Not Afraid.”

I will keep on singing it.

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Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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