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The Tears of the Vanquished Are Delicious…At First

It is obviously an understatement to say that things have been interesting since Tuesday night. The utter and complete failure of the Democrat media complex to sway and election is not sitting well with the poor dears and I have to admit that it’s been fun to watch.

The best post-election entertainment in America was to be found on CNN and MSNBC, both of which I binge-watched (one on the television, one on my phone) until about 4:30 AM PST. Various panelists on both networks lashed out everywhere they could but inward. Because leftists are a hive mind, they quickly had their blame talking points coordinated. It was James Comey’s fault. It was Gary Johnson’s fault. It was the fault of rural America, all of whom the media elite believe to be ignorant white racists.

For hours, Hillary’s distraught water carriers bounced between the three blame targets, repeating their litany of reasons that they believed Trump would never get elected, waning between profound sadness and anger. On more than one occasion, I was convinced that Rachel Maddow was going to pop a vein in her forehead and it was going to fly through my TV. (I had also never really noticed until last night that she has a seven foot long neck.)

When I woke up after just a few hours and saw social media almost literally flooded with tears, I couldn’t help but laugh. I found the dramatic overreaction entertaining. The leftist soon-to-be victims of social Darwinism are melting faster than Cher’s makeup on a Vegas summer day when the AC isn’t working. Products of the participation trophy era, they aren’t used to contests that are actually contested and have clear winners. They have no skill set for coping with a loss because they weren’t brought up even knowing what a loss is.

Alas, the calls to “hug-ins” and feelings vigils quickly turned ugly. The well-funded Soros mob coordinators and agitators (I’ve met some of these people and seen them in action) decided that the election outcome should be met with protests.

Hundreds of protesters poured onto Bay Area streets minutes after Donald Trump was declared the 45th president of the United States early Wednesday morning, blocking freeways, lighting fires and chanting, “Not our president” and “F— Trump.”

Protesters, who predominantly appeared to be students and other millennials, also burned Trump effigies, smashed windows of the Oakland Tribune newsroom, and set tires, trash and newspaper stands on fire in Oakland and Berkeley. The disturbance also forced BART officials to shut down the 12th Street Oakland City Center station. Most of the vandalism was concentrated in the 2300 block of Broadway to 7th Street starting just before midnight, police said. Despite the mayhem, no injuries were reported and just one person was cited for a vehicle code violation, police said.

A variation of this has been playing out all over America tonight. The people who just spent a month aghast at the possibility that Donald Trump wouldn’t respectfully accept the will of the voters is burning things because they don’t want to accept the will of the voters.

The protests will naturally become riots, because leftists only know emotion. Critical thinking and reasoning aren’t in the mix so they become more violent as the world refuses to give them what they want. We know this about them, but they don’t know it about themselves:

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