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The Queen’s Gambit

Crooked Hillary née Hillary née Secretary Clinton née Hillary Rodham Clinton née Senator Clinton née First Lady Clinton née Hillary Clinton née Hillary Rodham née Hillary Diane Rodham will not be named on an indictment, nor listed as wanted under her many aliases. Indeed a more unwanted person can scarcely be imagined. The decision not to recommend her arraignment was announced Tuesday by FBI Director James Comey.

Having lived in both New York City and Chicago, I know when “indictment” is used and when “arraignment” is appropriate. The former applies when a silent C note or two will buy freedom, while the latter denotes a more severe charge which will take at least one silent G (aka the “Grand Jury”) to settle. Hillary has resided in both those localities as well and she knows the price list by heart.

Of course Comey saying he would not encourage prosecution does not block any U.S. Attorney from making a name for himself by bringing a case. But even those guys are under the authority of the Attorney General, which no doubt will make them the tamest Lynch mob you ever did see. They are smart enough to know that when a Phoenix is burning, you keep your hands off its Bill. And so theoretically the comity of Comey commands comedy in the Clinton campaign.

Except it has not. Mister Comey has outmaneuvered the Sultans of Slick and brought Hillary Clinton as close to justice as he possibly could. He has given her a Pyrrhic victory, the kind where you win the battle but lose the war. And he did it by forcing her to embrace his integrity and sound judgment, his impartiality and objectivity… after he just exposed her in public as a crook and a liar who played fast and loose with the security of this country, along with the safety of its soldiers and its interests. He basically proved that Marie Antoinette said, “Let them eat cake,” and then piously told the guys with the guillotine not to set up in front of his office. After all, his research shows there is no precedent for beheading snotty twerps under the law.

Come on, let us ponder this scenario together. Say Comey would have recommended prosecution. Immediately the Clinton machine would cart boatloads of manure onto his lawn, spreading it generously over every member of his family. He would be excoriated and scourged as a partisan Republican hack who used his noble office and the public trust as a base for hateful attacks on the Democrat nominee, not to mention a racist belittling of Obama and a sexist besmirching of Hillary.

Then the Federal prosecutors under Lynch would jump in, sneer at Comey’s recommendations and exonerate Madame Secretary of all charges and suspicions. The result would be Hillary free and untarnished with Comey scorned and dismissed.

I would be willing to bet that the Clintonistas had the gunk all premixed and ready for the smear campaign. Comey would be toast and Hillary would be the toast of the town.

So the clever Director Comey did the math — and the sociology and the psychology and the political science, perhaps even the chemistry — and realized he had to use a gambit. A gambit is a chess move where the player accepts a short-term loss for the prospect of a long-term gain; the mirror image of the Pyrrhic victory. And the most popular of these is called, appropriately enough, The Queen’s Gambit.

Here is what he did. He stepped up to the pulpit and said his words have not been cleared in advance. He is his own man. No input, no feedback. Opinions expressed by officials in newspapers hold no sway with law enforcement.

Then he told us that Hillary told lies about her devices, devised lies about her servers, served lies about her email, mailed lies about her secrets, and secreted information about her activities. She is a creep and a sneak and a two-faced double-crossing four-flusher who skates figure eights around the truth.

Oh, and a jury might not convict, so a prosecutor would not bring charges, so he could not recommend legal action.

What a masterstroke! Now the Clintonistas must sing Comey’s praises everywhere and proclaim his integrity from the rooftops. Thereby they are bound to acknowledge that he is right to label Hillary a lowlife who likes the high life. Hopefully the voters will pay attention.

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