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The Problem With Loretta Lynch’s “Hard Look” at Wrongdoers Getting Their Hands on Weapons

During her speech on last night’s massacre of Dallas police officers, Attorney General Loretta Lynch pushed the Obama Administration gun control line when she said, “We must take a hard look at the ease with which wrongdoers can get their hands on deadly weapons and the frequency with which they use them.”

But until Micah Xavier Johnson began shooting last night, how could anyone have determined he was a wrongdoer? Johnson had no criminal record. What background check would he have failed?

Is Lynch recommending the FBI monitor the Facebook activity of prospective gun purchasers? One of Johnson’s Facebook likes was the African American Defense League (AADL), an organization which calls for the murder of police officer. Of course, should the federal government adopt this criteria who can say they wouldn’t deny a permit to a Tea Party member while looking the other way if it’s an AADL aficionado so they don’t get called racist?

Of course, if Lynch was honest (and by extension the Obama Administration) she would simply tell us the federal government wanted to abolish private ownership of guns. I’d rather they tell me that than carry on insincerely with this expanded background check nonsense. Now if this measure came to pass it wouldn’t stop the flow of guns either. How has that War on Drugs worked out? The War on Guns would make the War on Drugs look like a Sunday picnic.

Unfortunately, for all of America’s virtues, we are a violent society and no piece of legislation or executive order is going to change that fact. The only thing that can change that fact is our culture and those kind of changes happen in baby steps, not in giant leaps and bounds. Loretta Lynch’s hard look is yet another easy answer.

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