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The Missing Hurricanes

As the telephone rang, the screen said it was Henny-Penny calling. I hadn’t heard from her since she resigned as Founder and Recording Secretary of The Holy Order of the Sky is Falling and became a global warming skeptic. 

Me: “What’s new?”

H-P: “Hurricanes.”

Me: “But we don’t have hurricanes in California.”

H-P: “I’m talking about the big picture. An official report has just been released. Not one hurricane has made landfall in Florida for nine consecutive years. That’s a modern record.”

Me: “Good news, alright, but bad for Al Gore the erstwhile Pontiff of the Holy Order of the Sky is Falling. It was about nine years ago he predicted a series of hurricanes that would devastate Florida and the East Coast. He said it would all be due to global warming caused by greedy humans enjoying a good standard of living by using electricity and driving SUVs.”

H-P: “I soon learned that with him and the whole THOOTSIF cult it wasn’t science, it was ideology and politics. Scientists who were sympathetic to the arguments of the environmental extremists gave Al Gore cover to talk incessantly about the issue in that pedantic tone he always used. He thought he would ride the issue into the Oval Office. He may still be wondering what happened.”

Me: “There are still plenty of scientists who insist the planet is on a course to have disastrous warming in the years ahead.”

H-P: “Yes, and they insist that their theories are ‘settled science,’ but it isn’t. Once the term ‘Global Warming’ became the butt of jokes, they changed it to ‘Climate Change.’ Yet, the climate does change regularly and has for eons. Long-term, it’s also subject to cycles caused by natural phenomena. Nevertheless, these folks keep cranking out computer projections—all based on assumptions. If the assumptions are wrong, the answers will be too. Goodness, if your local weather expert on the evening news can’t predict with certainty the weather a week from today, how can a scientist with a theory make ironclad projections about it 50 years from now? The answer is, he can’t.”

Me: “You make sense, but the United Nations global warming faction is holding a pep rally in Lima, Peru right now and the newspapers say President Obama is sending Gore and the actor Leonard DiCaprio down there as cheerleaders.”

H-P: “Yes. The plan is to build momentum for a global climate change treaty to be signed in Paris next year. You remember what came of the one out of Kyoto more than a decade ago? China and India said no dice and the U.S. never signed it. With the Republicans in control of Congress for the next two years, don’t look for ratification of a treaty that signs away our sovereignty.”

Me: “That’s reassuring, but here in California the state Air Resources Board is trying to do something the U.S. Congress refused to do a few years ago. The CARB, an unelected body, has created a cap-and-trade system to tax businesses it deems to be polluters. It will set the amount of “greenhouse” gas they can emit. In order to stay within the limit, they can “buy” credits from others below the limit. This will have the effect of raising the cost of gasoline for consumers. A spokeswoman for the CARB says the average price would go up about 10 cents a gallon and that most people “would hardly notice it.” I think she is getting her talking points from Jonathan Gruber.”

H-P: “To counteract this, a Republican state senator and assemblyman have introduced the Affordable-Gas-for-Families Act. Let’s see their Democrat colleagues defend the first effort by any state—or country, for that matter—attempt to regulate the sale of gasoline using a cap-and-trade program.” 

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