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The Democrats’ Hack Attack

The Democratic National Convention is teetering on the verge of political disaster for the Clinton campaign. It opened with Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepping down over the Wikileaks DNC e-mail hack. Despite Sanders’s best efforts, his core supporters are upset, more so since he delivered his endorsement of Hillary Clinton. Yelling and other chicanery on the floor have distracted many convention speakers. And, talking about speakers, the Democrats even highlighted a self-professed child abuser, Lena Dunham.

I’ve attended and worked at several Republican national conventions, and from a messaging standpoint, on that point, the Democratic convention has been unmanageable. They’ve had political crises every single day. If this is a pre-game show of what is in store for the fall, Hillary Clinton’s presidential bid is just about over. If they want to defeat Trump, they’ll need a whole lot more that recycled Clinton talking points from the 1990s and conspiracy theories. Yes, they’ve been engaging in X-Files-like spinning.

For example, the biggest political whopper I heard comes from former Secretary of State Madeleine Albright blaming Russia for the DNC e-mail hack because, so says the Secretary and other Clinton operatives, the Russians want Trump to win. Rather than focus on what we know for certain, the lawbreakers over at WikiLeaks have taken credit for being involved in the matter, the Clinton “wag the dog” operation needs to distract the voters because the released data reinforces the narrative that Hillary Clinton is unfit to be the president.

Maybe the Russians did it but, engaging in some guessing of my own, so may have Bernie Sanders operatives seeking to do harm to the Clinton wing of the party. The latter seems to make a whole lot more political sense. Whatever it is, they never let a crisis go to waste and this is how they plan to win. One political takeaways quickly taking shape from this convention is that the Democratic Party is now America’s Socialist Party and they need to fool the voters long enough to win. After that, all bets are off. Obama and the Democratic Congress primed the pump, Hillary will seal the deals.

Even members of my once noble profession, lawyers, are heaping on the conspiracy theory that Trump is somehow connected to the Russian mob or government. The left-wing Brookings Institution, for example, has inked a paper insinuating that Trump is a Russian agent and even used the term, Manchurian candidate! The ghost of Alger Hiss is alive and well in this town for I have not seen the Left this paranoid since that time when Nixon was ridiculed by them for chasing down communist penetration of the U.S. government.

For now, all we know for certain, is that the DNC computer systems were compromised and those who did it should be held to account. But no matter who did it, who wrote the e-mail? DNC staff. Who was in charge in securing the server? DNC staff. Who failed the party, and the nation? DNC staff. Who led the DNC when this was happening? Debbie Wasserman Schultz, an acolyte of the Clinton camp and staunch advocate for keeping the socialism train moving forward. Why did DNC staff engage in illegal activities that included offering ambassadorships and other presidential appointments in exchange for political donations?

The Left does not want to answer these questions so they are cooking up whatever they can, including bizarre statements about Trump and the Russians. They want to keep politicos and the media from focusing on the Hillary Clinton’s failed record, the corrupt Clinton Foundation, as well as the parallel State Department that was run out of the server in a closet in the Clinton’s home.

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