The Day Ahead: Wednesday, August 4, 2010 | The American Spectator | USA News and Politics
The Day Ahead: Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Today on the Main Site:

Missouri Says “No” to ObamaCare by Philip Klein: Citizens in the Show Me State overwhelmingly passed a ballot measure against the national health care law’s individual mandate.

The Cordoba House Delusion by John Tabin: It is not the business of government to block its construction, but the story is hardly that simple.

The Big Bamboozler by Peter Ferrara: Despite Obamanomics, here’s how to fix the economy for all.

A Classic Evolution Policy Blunder by Bruce Chapman: Critics of evolution need to stick to scientific evidence.

Unconstitutional or Inconvenient by Aaron Goldstein: Arizona has been told: The federal government is simply too busy — or lazy — to enforce our nation’s immigration laws.

Who Needs Newsweek? by William Murchison: Besides, that is, its new 92-year-old owner.

Created Equal by Lisa Fabrizio: We are living in a post-racist era, though it may not be post-racial.

The Brett Who Cried Wolf by Ryan Young: Favre says he’s retiring — but who believes him?

What to Watch for:

K street backs Harry Reid (Politico) 

BP says “static kill” a success (AP) 

Relatives of Connecticut shooter say he was pushed over the edge by racial bias at his company (AP) 

Obama to give speech on economy to AFL-CIO, then off to Chicago for more fundraising (Chicago Sun-Times) 

Iran denies reports of attack on Ahmadinejad (NY Times) 

Clip of the Day:

GOP Tennessee candidate Basil Marceaux goes on Jimmy Kimmel live; I have yet to see Alan Greene get invited onto any of these shows to make an embarrassment of himself.

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