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The Anatomy of a Red Wave
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We’ll start this off by equating the physical characteristics of a political wave election with those of the more natural kind. Not so much for the benefit of our regular readers but perhaps for those of the Democrat trolls and poorly educated journos at places like the Huffington Post and BuzzFeed who might be dropping by.

The two waves actually work similarly. One is almost tempted to see the presence of a higher power in the ways that the dynamics of mass human behavior so often mimic those of nature. For example, this is what an ocean wave, and in particular a tsunami, looks like as it begins with a disruption far out to sea and then makes its way onto shore:

There’s a real-life video showing this perfectly. Remember that devastating earthquake and tsunami back in 2011 off the coast of Japan that did so much damage to that country’s east coast? On the water, it wasn’t as terrifying as it was later. This was taken by a Japanese ship in kinda-sorta deep water:

Obviously, it’s a big deal, but if you didn’t know better, you wouldn’t have assumed that wave action portended the deaths of thousands.

But it did.

It’s becoming clear that former House Speaker Newt Gingrich was correct when he took to the airwaves last week, and also to the stage at The American Spectator’s annual gala dinner on Thursday, and declared that a political tsunami is coming on Nov. 8.

All summer long, when that wave was really just a big ripple out on the ocean, the Democrat media complex pleasured itself by decrying it. Polls with outlandishly pro-Democrat samples, polls of registered voters rather than likely voters, push polls, and all kinds of other items were employed to attempt two things: (1) suppress Republican voters by convincing them what they thought was a wave election was no such thing, and (2) buttress left-wingers by assuring them that so long as they turned out in droves with both their votes and their money, the cultural/political revolution currently roiling America would continue apace.

Most of American politics is a grift. On both sides, it’s a grift. Republican voters tend to be much more keenly aware of that. Democrats, for whom politics is the only religion they know, seem blind to the fact.

But, at the end of the day, you can’t have a country in the condition America is in without the grifters being exposed. Just look at Stacey Abrams. Or Beto O’Rourke.

We’re two weeks out from the election, and the suppression polls and the narratives are fading away. It was always obvious that voters were going to be motivated by three things that can’t be hidden by dishonest media narratives or clownish White House press conferences: runaway crime, runaway illegal immigration, and runaway inflation.

We’re in a dead economy, a recession Team Biden has denied month after month since it became obvious to anyone who could read statistics. Three months ago, we were told the standard definition of a recession, which is two consecutive quarters of negative GDP growth, didn’t apply anymore because Reasons. Well, the GDP numbers aren’t out yet for the third quarter, but they won’t be very good, as other indicators make clear. Breitbart reported:

Not only did the U.S. business sector slump for the fourth straight month in October, but the pace of the deterioration also picked up, data from S&P Global indicated on Monday.

Manufacturers and services businesses reported weaker demand, S&P’s monthly survey of purchasing managers indicated.

The “flash” composite purchasing managers index (PMI) fell to 47.3 this month from 49.5 in September. This suggests an acceleration in the decline in business activity to what S&P said is the second-fastest fall in almost two-and-a-half years.

Business linked the decline to weak client demand and the impact of inflation and higher interest rates.

A reading below 50 indicates the private sector contracted in the month.

“The U.S. economic downturn gathered significant momentum in October, while confidence in the outlook also deteriorated sharply,” S&P Chief Business Economist Chris Williamson. “The decline was led by a downward lurch in services activity, fueled by the rising cost of living and tightening financial conditions.”

And it’s a recession clearly brought on by the strangulation of the American consumer through month after month of catastrophic inflation. Team Biden keeps whistling past the graveyard, trying to con the American people into believing that inflation is merely a passing thing — the new narrative is that it’s worse in Europe, as if any American gives a damn, and also as if that’s an excuse for the predictable effect of the same stupid fiscal and regulatory policies here that made for too many dollars chasing too few goods and services. But all they’ve proven is they’re not up to the task of managing the economy, and so the average American voter has concluded they don’t have credibility on the economy and need to be removed from power on that basis.

Likewise for immigration. Team Biden somehow hoped to flood the zone with so many illegals that they’d cement a future for the Democrat Party through demographics, once they could finally get that Comprehensive Immigration Reform plan passed. The problem is the voters don’t want it, and, what’s worse, their idiotic cultural offensives have now moved a giant chunk of the Hispanic and Asian vote, and an increasing chunk of the black vote, out of their column and into the GOP’s. Everything about this mass invasion of Third Worlders into the country is a political own goal, and Nov. 8 is the first likely national manifestation of it.

What’s so funny about this is the plurality of the new arrivals are Venezuelans, Cubans, Colombians, and Bolivians, who are all people escaping communism in Latin America. Republicans rightly decry this mass migration, but if and when these people ever become Americans, there’s a not-half-bad chance they’ll belong to the GOP on Election Day if they recognize that today’s Democrat Party smells just like Hugo Chavez’s rotting corpse.

And then there’s crime, which can’t be talked away by the Democrats. Everybody recognizes that the beginning of the current crime wave came with the George Floyd riots and the demoralization of the police, and it can’t be escaped that Team Biden was 100 percent supportive of that lawlessness. The dodge that somehow because the Republican voting base and several of its talking and scribbling heads are now talking about reforming or reducing the FBI — a sensible response to its corruption and politicization at the hands of Beltway Democrats — it’s the GOP who’s anti-law enforcement … yeah, that one isn’t going to work.

Everybody knows who’s pandering to criminals in America today, and everybody’s hacked off about it.

These three issues aren’t the only ones serving as undersea earthquakes that move American voters to act as a tsunami coming ashore. It’s inherently possible that, like a tsunami, you could see wave after wave of public backlash against the hard-left policies and aggressions that got this going.

That’s going to depend on the GOP, of course, because while Barack Obama might have admitted last week that his party is a buzzkill, nobody is better at that than the Republican establishment. If early 2023 becomes another example of Failure Theater, it’s entirely likely that what’s happening to the Tory Party in the U.K. can happen to the GOP here.

But the bigger the wave, the more fresh blood that gets injected into the GOP. You could now have a Senate with Tiffany Smileys, Don Bolducs, and Blake Masterses to go with J.D. Vances and Ted Budds, and some of the assumptions long held by skeptical Republicans might not apply.

We’ll see. But as poll after poll shows Republicans pulling ahead in races thought impossible — with candidates that the establishment told us weren’t viable and withheld money from in an attempt to prove it — that wave is slowing and rising as it comes to shore. On Nov. 8, it’ll crash through some seawalls and give Team Biden a well-deserved inundation.

Scott McKay
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