by | Mar 19, 2019

As I said in my recent article on Vietnam, this is the war we lost. Or is it? Upon arrival in Saigon, I decided to schedule a tour to explore the city. I found an individualized tour with transportation included….

by | Oct 26, 2018

In early 1971, General Creighton Abrams, the head of MACV (U.S. military command in South Vietnam), ordered the interdiction of the Ho Chi Minh Trail, the network of roads and warehouses that ran through Laos and Cambodia practically to within an artillery shot of Saigon. The trail was used by the North Vietnamese to supply their armies and the Viet Cong (southern Communist led guerrillas). The latter were much reduced in numbers and effectiveness after frustrating years of efforts by the U.S. and South Vietnamese leaderships to devise a winning strategy.

by | May 15, 2018

I’ve been asked a number of times about John Kerry’s unauthorized actions with Iran compared to Ted Kennedy’s unauthorized actions with the Kremlin. Kerry, this spring 2018, sought to undermine President Trump’s policies, whereas Kennedy, spring 1983, sought to undermine…

by | Oct 13, 2017

Ken Burns’ riveting documentary on the war in Vietnam stirred emotions and brought back haunting memories of a dark slice of our long national nightmare. One aspect of the war that received only passing coverage was the massive air war…

by | Sep 16, 2016

“I wouldn’t want to serve with anyone who isn’t a volunteer.” This self-congratulatory platitude has been expressed to me personally, and I’ve seen it written in commentary. From where I stand, it’s one of the saddest of the many lamentable…

by | Sep 9, 2016

The youth vote became a reality a generation ago due to the slogan — apt for Veterans’ Day (thanks, vets, for your gallant service) — due to a bumper-sticker slogan: “Old enough to fight, old enough to vote.” The most…

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