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Racism: Cui Bono?
Joe Biden and Kamala Harris at presidential inauguration, January 20, 2021 (mccv/Shutterstock.com)

This great nation has one problem that surpasses all of its other problems. Race. Every problem we have, poverty, ignorance, crime, tastelessness, is overwhelmed and fed by problems of race.

Alas, this has always been fact for our great country. Even as the Founding Fathers promoted the doctrine of equality and freedom, America as a nation condoned and encouraged the institution of human slavery. This evil entity denied the humanity of men and women who were clearly human and deprived them of every single protection of the law.

It was the contradiction of these doctrines, and the recognition by certain portions of the nation of the evil of human slavery, that led to the creation of the Republican Party, and from there to the War Between the States, also known as the Civil War.

That war cost roughly 800,000 lives. Almost all of them were white men. The War Between the States was the only war in human history in which the dominant race (in this case, whites) went to war and died in immense numbers to free the subjugated race.

The treatment of black Americans after the war varied from halfway decent to horrible. But little by little, always pushed on by the Republican Party, the rights of black Americans grew until by the 21st century, we had dozens of blacks in Congress and a half-black president, Barack Hussein Obama.

Still, there were severe tensions between blacks and whites. In World War II, there were riots in Northern cities in which dozens of blacks were killed by rampaging whites. In the 1960s, 1970s, and up until now, blacks rioted throughout America, usually destroying their own neighborhoods but often degrading entire cities.

For reasons that are still hotly debated, blacks became wildly more likely than whites to commit violent crime, especially rape, to live on welfare, to have single-parent families, to drop out of school, and to suffer from alcohol and drug addiction.

Blacks just generally live worse lives than whites by most metrics, although there may be some spiritual dynamic in which they are happier than statistics would imply.

Blacks are extremely likely to blame their problems on persons other than themselves — a typical human condition. In this case, they and their “leaders” blame white people and a wholly fantastic and made-up phenomenon called contemporary “systemic racism.” This has long since been demolished as a real condition in 21st-century America. But it still exists as a fantasy that impels millions of black voters to come to the polls to elect black politicians who created the whole “systemic racism” myth. Those politicians are invariably Democrats.

The “systemic racism” fantasy also gets white politicians who play along with it elected to high office, even to the White House.

But it does nothing to help black people. It does not get them to give up unfortunate habits of life. It does not get them to take better care of themselves and their children. All it does is to create angry Democratic voters and their pawns in high office.

It could eventually lead to bloodshed on a large scale. That does not bother the Bidens and the Harrises and the Rices of the world. They owe their glamorous lives and their wealth to whipping up racial hatred. Mr. Donald Trump, who never said a racist word, got kicked out of office by specious charges of racism. Mr. Biden, who lives and dies by explicit, out-and-out racism against whites, lives in the White House.

As a nation, we are being pushed towards a race war by the Bidens and the Harrises and the Rices. The world is upside down and backwards: the GOP, always in favor of fairness and racial justice, gets labeled as racist. The Democrats get in office as unequivocal racists. I am very glad I got to live in America for most of my life before it became an officially racist state.

This is not going to end well.

Ben Stein
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Ben Stein is a writer, actor, economist, and lawyer living in Beverly Hills and Malibu. He writes “Ben Stein’s Diary” for every issue of The American Spectator.
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