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Somebody, Anybody, Run Against Bill de Blasio

Bill de Blasio is a left-wing buffoon of dizzying idiocy. The dimbulb mayor of New York City is so bad that he makes David Dinkins look Churchillian.

And yet it appears that de Blasio is sailing towards re-election in November. The question — “Is that jackass really going to win re-election?” — is asked often these days by concerned citizens in the Big Apple.

Proposed opponents to de Blasio, such as the former private eye Bo Dietl, don’t inspire much confidence. According to the New York press, Dietl, due to his cluelessness about paperwork, can’t even run as a Republican against de Blasio. Nor does it help that press reports have surfaced tying him to a “marijuana testing” company under government scrutiny.

“I like medical marijuana and I’d like to explore the fact of recreational marijuana in this city,” Dietl explained to the press. “I never seen a guy smash a bottle over somebody’s head high on pot.”

That sounds like something de Blasio could have said. The foul odor of marijuana is ubiquitous in de Blasio’s New York. He couldn’t care less about drug use. But he is worried about cigar smoking. The other day a Queens man described to me how his mere smoking a cigar in a park resulted in a cop car (sirens, flashing red light, and all) pulling up to him. He wasn’t apprehended or fined; he had put the cigar out before they approached him. But it was a close call that left an impression on him about the insane priorities of the de Blasio administration.

Another high priority of it is the establishment of “all genders” bathrooms in government buildings. At historic Flushing Town Hall, which is usually empty, one has the option of two regular bathrooms and two “all genders” ones.

This week another vitally important priority of his administration emerged: free sun tan lotion at New York City beaches. So bums, after they have surfed for porn at the free stations de Blasio has set up, can now approach the surf of Brooklyn without fear of skin cancer.

The mayor, when not using his SUV to ferry him to his favorite gym in Brooklyn far from Gracie Mansion (somehow the gyms on the Upper East Side aren’t good enough for him), is terrified by the prospect of man-made climate change. Meanwhile, the corruption and incompetence of the MTA guarantees that fewer and fewer people use public transport. The other day it took me two hours to get back to Queens from Manhattan. Many trains stopped running and the ones that did changed their routes without notice. The New York press is calling it the “Summer of hell.”

Babylon is turning into Castro’s Havana. The more money that de Blasio throws at the problem of homelessness, the more visible it becomes. Walk around Times Square at night and you feel like you are on the set of Night of the Living Dead. Even the once-fashionable streets of Midtown Manhattan resemble those of Third World countries. Just feet from the Harvard Club, one can see rows of homeless men tucking in for the night.

Islands of prosperity and calm still exist within New York City, but they are surrounded by an ever-growing sea of filth and disorder. Gotham needs another Rudy. But whenever I raise the subject, most people just shrug, as if the city’s decline is unstoppable and the Dem monopoly unbreakable.

Is it? Let’s hope not. Let’s hope that in the age of Trump some public-spirited New Yorker will step forward to reclaim the most remarkable city on earth from a radical who is determined to ruin it.

George Neumayr
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George Neumayr, a senior editor at The American Spectator, is author most recently of The Biden Deception: Moderate, Opportunist, or the Democrats' Crypto-Socialist?
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