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Some Friendly Advice to My Republican Elders

If this is the Republicans’ idea of party unity, please take me off your guest list. At best, the Republican Party can, right now, be described as self-destructive, and at worst sheer masochistic. There is no “I” in team but there are two in idiots, and that is how you are all coming across to the American people right now; no, not just to the Democrats, but to your own party. Your lack of loyalty to each other is honestly downright embarrassing, and extremely detrimental.

If you need help with understanding the meaning of party unity look no further then to your opposition; again, not the opposition within your own ranks, but the opposition on the other side of the aisle. Rank and file, the Democrats pushed the ACA down the throats of Americans, and a majority of them never read their own bill. Now I understand this neglect is what has created the mess of Obamacare, but at least, to their credit, they created something. I know many of you truly believe your ideas and convictions are correct, and, heck, they probably are, but optics are everything. Senator Paul, all of this public infighting is truly hurting the vision.

If you disagree with Congressman Ryan, which we all know you do, because you keep screaming, from any mic that’s on, that you do, here is a novel idea: Have a meeting with him. Have many meetings with him, closed-door ones. When you get out of the meetings and the press asks you how they went, reply: “Amazingly well.” We are hashing out the details, but we are working on something great that will unify the whole party and the country. Explain that this is complicated stuff. Just be honest and real, because it is complicated stuff.

This doesn’t just concern healthcare either. When asked about the President’s assertions of wiretapping and surveillance, a simple response would be: “Is it really that hard to believe that it’s plausible?” Stand up for the man that your party elected. Do you think Democrats believed a video caused a revolt? Do you think Democrats didn’t know about the evils of the Clinton Foundation and all of its shady ties? What about the absolutely false narrative of “hands up don’t shoot”? President Obama outright lied to the American people about Obamacare, outright lied, yet the Democratic Party stood together.

Read more, folks. It’s not that hard to rebut CNN. When they ask about collusion between Russia and the Trump campaign, ask them where their investigation into John Podesta is. When they assert the President is making false claims about anything, remind them that President Obama lied again and again to the American people.  Ask them where their disdain was then? When they bring up Paul Manafort, you bring up the Clinton Foundation. Paul Manafort worked with the Russians in 2005, as did millions of other Americans. Should he have been more forthright about it, if the whole Associated Press story proves to be true?  That is a big if, with the answer being, of course.  However, the response should be: “Where were the AP stories on Podesta’s ties to the Russians?” Bring up the Obama Administration’s meddling in the Israeli elections, and Brexit. Gentleman and women, it’s not hard to learn the art of rebuttal, and if you need any help, I’m sure Senator Cruz would gladly be of assistance.

But, my God, can you guys stop acting like you are auditioning for Mean Girls 2? Can you not grasp the concept that the media will do anything, not only to destroy you but to destroy the entire Republican Party? Understand, the media isn’t interested in your nobility, or your thoughts, they are interested in one thing and one thing alone, and that is the outright destruction of the Republican Party, and its spokesperson President Trump.

The infighting and name calling has to stop. You guys really do have to get your … together. Stand up for each other and fight for each other, even if you don’t believe that what the other is saying is correct. Remember, you are on the same team for Christ’s sake. I mean, is it really that hard to believe that the President wasn’t either hacked or tapped, or surveilled? Would you really put that past the Obama Administration, would you? Just tell the American people that this health insurance stuff is complicated. You don’t think they’d appreciate that truth?  Tell them you are working on it, as a team; assure them that together you will create healthcare reform for all.

The Democratic Party motto is “it’s not a lie if you believe it.” Now I’m not saying to lie to the American people, but please stop using the media like it’s open mic night at Sheckies House of Comedy. There is no “I” in team, and there will be no “R” before your names if you keep acting like this is Lord of the Flies.

Just some friendly advice from someone who doesn’t want to have to take his name off the guest list.

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