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Social Justice for Creepy Joe

It appears that the leftist mob has now come for Joe Biden, the nominal frontrunner in the overloaded clown car that is the 2020 Democrat presidential primary. Biden, a longstanding barnacle on American politics who has never had much of a career away from the government teat — he was elected to the Senate in Delaware in 1972 at the tender age of 29, and served in that body while attempting failed presidential runs in 1988 and 2008, and then spent eight years as Barack Obama’s Vice President from 2009-2017 — hasn’t even declared himself a candidate for next year’s presidential campaign and he’s already in the crosshairs of the radicals in his own party.

For a very obvious reason — namely, that Biden is a serial groper of, and creeper on, females of opportunity.

And a relatively indiscriminate one, as Biden has been caught on camera over and over again laying hands on and invading the personal space of women in public and even official settings. Nothing much was ever actually said about his rather unusual and off-putting habits while he was Obama’s Number Two, not even when the president delegated to Biden the task of turning American colleges into factories for sexual assault kangaroo courts in which males accused of behavior a few degrees worse than Biden’s public antics would find themselves facing the burden of proving their innocence as part of quite a departure from American culture and jurisprudence.

And when current Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos voided that Obama-era policy Biden supervised, what was his reaction? Biden called her “culturally Neanderthal” for defending due process.

This from a man whose culturally Cro-Magnon behavior has delivered him into the spotlight courtesy of a pair of his past victims Amy Lappos and Lucy Flores, who related tales of invasive Bidenism into the national media, forcing the former Vice President onto Twitter with a video pathetically declaring “I get it” that cultural norms have changed — as if it was ever normal to be publicly kneading the shoulders or smelling the hair of someone else’s wife.

Not to mention Biden was among the Brett Kavanaugh “Believe All Women” lynch mob last year after a series of liars accused a man of far stronger moral fiber than Joe Biden of licentious and inappropriate behavior with no corroboration. Again, any semblance of restraint or due process on the issue of personal behavior toward members of the opposite sex was absent from Biden’s pie-hole.

Must we recall the Clarence Thomas hearings when Biden subjected a far better man than he to the scurrilous accusations from Anita Hill as part of what Thomas termed a “high-tech lynching”?

And yet there are those rushing to Biden’s defense against what is clearly an oppo dump by the other Lilliputian Democrats (ahem: Bernie Sanders) who lack Biden’s stature and — well, we won’t call it gravitas, as that has never been a word applicable to Biden. Who are they?

Naturally, they’re the do-gooder Republican crowd; the same people who still haven’t stopped clucking about Donald Trump’s boorishness and inadequacies.

Marco Rubio called Biden’s travails a political hit job. He said it was “Dirty Politics 101” and lamented that things won’t stop with Biden.

Bill Kristol touted the stories of Biden’s “kindness and compassion” he was struck by.

And Meghan McCain said Biden was “truly decent and compassionate.” One almost gets a Raymond Shaw/Manchurian Candidate vibe out of the NeverTrumpers defending Biden this week.

And once again these are people who ought to be ignored.

Joe Biden isn’t kind, and he’s not compassionate. He’s a garden-variety attention-whore hack politician with personal habits tending toward depravity, and if he’s gobbled up by the left-wing mob before he can touch off yet another failed presidential run, it is of no particular abomination to the right side of the political fence.

Biden made his bed, and made it again and again. Let him lie in it. When someone worth defending against the #MeToo mob is accused, let that be a time to push back against #MeToo excesses.

Not this. This is Social Justice in its true form.

Of course, Alyssa Milano defended Joe Biden. She’s a special kind of awful, isn’t she?

Stacey Abrams did not defend Biden, and has in fact suggested he remove his old and white posterior from American politics. But that’s par for Abrams’ course these days. Recently at Al Sharpton’s National Action Network confab in New York, the failed Democrat 2018 Georgia gubernatorial candidate defended identity politics as the stock in trade of the new-and-improved Democrat Party.

“Identity politics is nothing more complex than saying, ‘I see you,’” she said. “I lean in to identity politics. I believe in identity politics. And I believe identity politics are the politics that win.”

They win? You sure? Let’s remember that Abrams lost her race to Brian Kemp by 55,000 votes and still hasn’t conceded it, instead howling about phantom voter suppression and supposed racism (which comes off a little like projection, n’est-ce pas?). What’s probably truer is that identity politics are the politics that win Democrat primaries — and that’s bad news both for Biden and for Bernie Sanders, the other shriveled white man currently at the top of the Democrats’ crab-bucket.

When you embrace angry members of grievance mobs as the driving force in your party, you will shortly realize their reticence to continue allowing you to set the political tone. Robespierre met with a rather unexpected and ironic end, after all.

Bernie Sanders has a history of creepy-white-guy behavior toward women too, you know. During his failed stint as a revolutionary poet it was Bernie who suggested women secretly wish to be gang-raped. Surely that nugget will resurface when it’s Sanders’ turn at the Democrats’ guillotine.

Michael Brown’s mother ran for the city council in Ferguson, Missouri.

She lost.

From the excellent Tim Young: “There are so many women coming out against Joe Biden that you’d think Trump had just nominated him to the Supreme Court.”

And finally, from the equally excellent Chris Butler, this…

Saying you like socialism is basically saying you don’t think you have what it takes to compete against others in life… so you want to use the government to help yourself and others skate by with minimal effort, while living off other people’s hard work.

Competition — which is what capitalism is — brings out the best in everybody. But your self-esteem is so low you would rather live an undistinguished and mediocre life.

That’s what socialism is.

Scott McKay
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