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So What If Trump Doesn’t Pursue Prosecuting Hillary?

After a rather in-depth interview given while meeting with reporters, editors, and the publisher of the New York Times last week, some were upset that President-elect Trump wasn’t exactly enthusiastic about taking legal action against Hillary Clinton.

Some of Donald Trump’s strongest conservative supporters are voicing anger and disappointment at the president-elect’s comments on Tuesday that he might back off his campaign pledge of pursuing a prosecution of former rival Hillary Clinton.

Trump, in an interview with the New York Times, took a more compassionate tone toward the Democratic presidential nominee than during his campaign, when he talked about a possible criminal investigation of the opponent he dubbed “Crooked Hillary” if he won the White House.

On the long list of things I hope Trump can accomplish while he has the House and Senate, keeping Hillary Clinton in the news even to prosecute her doesn’t crack the top 100. It’s not that she doesn’t deserve it; it’s that it would be better for America if she faded into the irrelevance that withdrawal of the spotlight brings.

Remember, the Clintons aren’t destroyed by negative publicity or legal action. In fact, they seem to thrive on it. Vigorous prosecution is no guarantee that they will be forever vanquished. They had people willing to go to prison for them, back when only one of them had attained any real power. They might be able to get a judge to turn himself in from the bench now that both of them have been prominent for so long.

A long, drawn out legal assault aimed directly at Hillary may even be less humiliating for her than her loss of the presidency that she thought was practically a guarantee. She and her husband are used to being at the wrong end of legal action. The political desert she is wandering in now is something new, and certainly something she never planned for. Donald Trump has already dealt her what she may feel to be the cruelest blow imaginable.

That doesn’t mean she has to remain unscathed going forward. There are indications that Trump will lean on foreign governments to investigate the Clinton Foundation, and that could yield more success than going after Hillary herself. There’s probably something in her twisted mind that makes her wish Trump would continue focusing on her after he is sworn in. He can let surrogates in the form of other governments go after her slush fund while he deals with other matters that will surely please even his most ardent longtime supporters, no matter how disappointed they are that Hillary is out hiking freely.

A couple of things on the horizon are already looking good, and it’s not even December yet. Trump has already hinted that he’s going to end NASA’s duties as a left wing climate hysteria propaganda mill. Ending that tremendous waste of resources would be a big step in getting the country moving in a less ridiculous direction.

Even more exciting than that is the news that Tom Price is going to be tapped to be HHS secretary. Price has been one of the most stalwart Republican critics of Obamacare, and crafted an alternative that can now get some serious attention.

If Trump can manage to dismantle the Obamacare monstrosity most people will probably be able to overlook the Hillary thing.

There are a lot of things to look forward to after January 20, 2017, as the country moves away from the false promises of the Hope and Change era. Hopefully, one of those things will be not hearing Hillary Clinton’s name much, if at all.

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