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‘Satanic’ Stone Monoliths Blown Up and Demolished
An overhead view of the aftermath of the explosion at the Georgia Guidestones on July 6, 2022 (NBC News/YouTube)

At 4 a.m. on Tuesday, an explosion blasted apart one of the Georgia Guidestones, a group of stone tablets commissioned by an unknown organization situated in Elbert County, Georgia, which have been derided by some for the “demonic” commandments written on their edifice. The 10 commandments on the Guidestones read like a globalist fever dream, recommending restriction of the human population to 500 million to “guide reproduction wisely,” implementing a universal language, settling disputes in a “world court,” and directing humanity to “be not a cancer on the Earth.” Workers later demolished the remaining stone tablets with a backhoe for safety reasons.

The Georgia Bureau of Investigations in looking into the incident as a bombing and released surveillance footage of a silver sedan leaving the scene after the explosion. The cameras were placed at “America’s Stonehenge” after prior acts of vandalism. At present, no arrests have been made in connection with the explosion.

Chris Kubas, the executive vice president of the Elberton Granite Association, said he was saddened by the destruction of the Guidestones, particularly since “it was not uncommon for people around the world to be up here at any given time.” Kubas added that the Guidestone represented “utter craftsmanship that you wouldn’t find anywhere else.”

But some are quite happy to see the Georgia Guidestones reduced to rubble. Georgia Republican gubernatorial candidate Kandiss Taylor referred to the message conveyed by the Guidestones as “satanic” and incorporated the destruction of the Guidestones into her campaign platform. Taylor attributed the explosion at the Guidestones to an act of God.

An examination of the Georgia Guidestones and their history makes it easy to see why many people were suspicious of the stones and wanted them leveled. 

The stones were ordered by a unknown man under the pseudonym Robert C. Christian and placed at the site in 1980. The suspicious nature of the monument is accentuated by the fact that Christian had allegedly planned the monument with an unknown group for 20 years, demanding total anonymity, and sending correspondence to the stonecutters from different cities around the country, never writing from the same place twice.

Whether by the Hand of God, as Kandiss Taylor would have it, or by the hand of man, the Georgia Guidestones, which were supposed to be capable of “withstanding the most catastrophic events,” have been leveled.

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