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Rod Blagojevich Shows Me Something

The wife and I have somehow become fans of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice.  This season, former Illinois governor Rod Blagojevich has been the main attraction, mostly for his constant flesh-pressing, evasive political answers to queries, and complete haplessness in using any kind of technology.  During most of the episodes so far, viewers have been left with a giant lingering question.


Governor Blagojevich was a bad manager for the Harry Potter promotional project.  He delegated the lion’s share of it to Bret Michaels (formerly of the metal band Poison).  Michaels really had to lead because the governor was incapable of using text or email to help his team.  Meanwhile, the women’s team leader was emailing photos of her notes and generally giving her squad a big head start.

But I learned something while watching the latest episode.  Blagojevich named Michael Johnson and celebrity chef Curtis Stone as the worst performers to join him in the boardroom for potential firing.  Trump, knowing that he could not in good conscience fire either of them and wanting to keep Blagojevich on for good television, provided the governor with MULTIPLE opportunities to name Bret Michaels.  Blagojevich, revealing one of his core values, simply WOULD NOT name Michaels.  And the reason why is obvious.  Michaels did the work for Blago.  And Blago knew that.  He was loyal to the guy who was loyal to him.  

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