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Repubs: Don’t Let Kimmel Kill You

Republicans you are not going to win a social and cultural battle with Jimmy Kimmel. Either you learn how and who should be your spokespeople to engage in a coherent debate, or shut up. Image is everything and optically you have nothing. Jimmy Kimmel is not the enemy; he’s a parent, a husband, an American and yes a liberal, with a massive platform, and a tale to tell.

He’s not a deranged leftist like Colbert, and he’s not an angry moronic nit like Myers. He’s a good man, who just went through a catastrophic and life-changing incident. So despite the fact that he might be wrong and misguided, not so much about whether or not the Republican healthcare bill is good or not, but about the merits of Obamacare, he should be treated with a healthy respect.

Do not debate, or in any way engage on national television or social media, a man whose newborn just had open heart surgery. You could be 100 percent right but will look 100 percent wrong. It doesn’t matter if we know he’s 100 percent liberal and was shilling for Hillary. It doesn’t matter if his facts about your health care bill are distorted and views on Obamacare retarded. So here are a few tips, which I undoubtedly know you will not take, since Republicans never learn.

Acknowledge people’s fears because whether true or not, they are true and real for them. Keep hammering to the public about the disaster that is and hopefully soon was Obamacare. Repeatedly bring up the lies that were told, like keeping your own doctor and premiums going down. Ask people if they are happy with the two or three choices they have. Quote Obama’s promises, and then detail his lies. Look at the camera and promise the American people you aren’t just getting rid of it because of animus, but because you believe the American people deserve better. Agree with everything Mr. Kimmel says, and say you are right, we can do better and we will do better. Maybe ask him if he has read your bill, or is he just going on the tweets of his medical brethren in the Hollywood Community.

Talk about your own experiences, which is the best way to humanize yourselves. Surely there is someone in each of your lives who has been afflicted with health issues. Follow the President’s lead, realizing you are never going to get a fair shake in the media, and be more aggressive and learn how to steer the narrative. The country is smart enough to decipher the difference between a well-meaning liberal and a loony leftist; now you have to be smart enough too. Finally look at the camera and say, while you disagreed with Obamacare, you never thought he was trying to kill people, and the only way to move forward is to truly end this insidious rhetoric.

Or just continue doing what you are doing and let the left and the media dictate your narrative. And Republicans in both the House and Senate, I promise it will never be a pretty portrait. Learn from Mr. Kimmel. Heck, invite him to Washington, and call it Jimmy goes to Washington. Let him make fun of you, let him razz you, smile and laugh, and say Jimmy we hear you. In the words of one former Republican congressman, say “I got you babe.” Take some selfies. Remember, “image isn’t everything, it’s the only thing.”

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