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Rand Round-Up

Loads of Ayn Rand-related content spilling out onto the web the last couple days with Atlas Shrugged arriving in theaters. A decent sampling includes the Mises Daily piece “The Continued Relevance of Rand’s Villains”; the hysterical and shallow Think Progress video “The Truth About GOP Hero Ayn Rand”; a typically balanced bit from Cathy Young (“I believe that Rand is underappreciated and often unfairly maligned. But I also fear that the current Rand vogue often focuses on the worst, not the best, aspects of her legacy”); Kurt Loder and P.J. O’Rourke pannings; a more positive take from Brian Doherty; the Reason video embedded below; and, of course, the surly eFilmCritic review that namechecks this very magazine:

As you may have surmised from the occasionally snarky tone of what I have written thus far, I am not exactly a fan of Ayn Rand, though my objection to her is based less on her philosophy and more on the fact that her books are virtually unreadable garbage that feature narratives that play like bizarre fusions of a year’s subscription to “The American Spectator” and dime-store romance novels that are written with the kind of prose stylings rarely seen outside of meatpacking guides… 

Sure, friend, we surmised, alright — and we’ll even take you at your word that you actually have the sort of intimate familiarity with a year’s worth of our magazine to make such a definitive statement about the objective reality of AmSpec, not to mention meatpacking guides and cheap romance novels. (We aren’t judging!)

Now if we could just get our subscription numbers in line with sales of Atlas Shrugged…It’s in your rational self-interest, Galts of the world. We swear!

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