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Playing Social Media Whack-A-Mole With America’s Frontline Doctors
Rep. Ralph Norman (R-SC) at America’s Frontline Doctors’ press conference in Washington on July 28 (screenshot)

Recently, America’s Frontline Doctors (AFD), a group of practicing physicians from across the nation, held a highly informative press conference on Capitol Hill. In contrast to the researchers and government medical experts who have dominated the media’s pandemic coverage, the AFD members actually see and treat real, live patients. Their 43-minute press conference was filled with valuable information, including, but not limited to, the need to reopen schools, physicians’ use of hydroxychloroquine plus zinc and azithromycin to successfully treat and prevent COVID-19, and the harm being caused by the ongoing and unwarranted societal and economic lockdowns.

The opening remarks of AFD’s Simone Gold included these trenchant observations:

Americans are riveted and captured by fear at the moment. We are not held down by the virus as much as we’re being held down by the spider web of fear. That spiderweb is all around us and it’s constricting us and it’s draining the lifeblood of the American people, American society, and American economy.

This does not make sense. COVID-19 is a virus that exists in essentially two phases. There’s the early phase disease, and there’s the late phase disease. In the early phase either before you get the virus or early, when you’ve gotten the virus, if you’ve gotten the virus, there’s treatment. That’s what we’re here to tell you. We’re going to talk about that this afternoon. You can find it on America’s Frontline Doctors, there’s many other sites that are streaming it live on Facebook. But we implore you to hear this because this message has been silenced. There are many thousands of physicians who have been silenced for telling the American people the good news about the situation, that we can manage the virus carefully and intelligently, but we cannot live with this spider web of fear that’s constricting our country. [Emphasis added.]

Physicians have been silenced for telling the truth about COVID-19? It turns out that when those remarks were made, the AFD, to paraphrase Al Jolson in The Jazz Singer, hadn’t seen nothin’ yet!

Video of the AFD press conference was posted on YouTube. I included a link to the video in a brief post on my blog Knowledge is Good. But within hours I was notified by a subscriber that YouTube had taken down the video. You can click on this inoperative YouTube link to see this message:

This video has been removed for violating YouTube’s Community Guidelines.

At the bottom of this message are  the words “Learn More,” which, when clicked, take you to this advisory:

Our Community Guidelines are designed to ensure our community stays protected.

Just so. YouTube, which is owned and operated by Google, isn’t silencing anyone. It’s protecting us. But from what? Did Google/YouTube have medical experts review the comments of the AFD? Was there a sound medical reason for deplatforming the AFD? On what basis did Google/YouTube decide that the AFD’s statements posed a threat from which its “community” (i.e., virtually the whole online world) must be “protected”?

Frankly, between the AFD and the millennial computer geeks who have their thumbs on the Google/YouTube kill switch, I would rather get my medical information from the AFD’s practicing physicians.

But not to worry: the subscriber had included a new link to the video, so I posted that on my blog. Yet a short time later that link was also went dark. You can click on this second inoperative link to see for yourself.

So, I then went to the website of America’s Frontline Doctors to retrieve the video, only to find this notice:

Website Expired

This account has expired. If you are the site owner, click below to login.

Don’t take my word for it. See for yourself by clicking on this link. The AFD has been electronically disappeared.

Another subscriber to my blog kindly supplied a link to a transcript of the AFD press conference. And, sure enough, if you click on this link, at least for now, you will find the transcript on the Rev website. But it comes with this introduction:

Warning: This press conference has been flagged & taken down by multiple social media platforms for containing “misleading” or “false” information. Rev does not condone the use of any COVID-19 treatments outlined in this press conference.

If you want to read what the AFD had to say, I recommend that you click on the link to the transcript immediately. No telling how much longer it will be available.

Also, if you want to watch video of the AFD press conference, it can be accessed, at least for now, by clicking on this link. That will take you to UGETube, which is run by That’s a hopeful sign. Maybe the video’s half-life on a gun exchange’s website will be longer than the nano-seconds it lasted on YouTube and elsewhere.

But wait a minute. A gun exchange website? Once our social media masters sense this disturbance in the politically correct force, itself could well vanish into the electronic nacht und nebel into which our social media giants have consigned so many other thought criminals who dared to espouse their unclean, unacceptable, and dangerous beliefs.

So what is the lesson here? It’s quite simply that nothing must be allowed to interrupt the drumbeat of COVID-19 fear-mongering that has so quickly cowed America into submission and that is proving to be of such value to those who seek political power and untold wealth from the vaccines and new, experimental drugs, which, we are constantly told, will be our only salvation. That is the mission, and those are the special interests to which the social media monopolists have pledged their full support.

How naive of the AFD to get in the way of these powerful, devious, and corrupt interests. The good, decent, and well-intentioned AFD physicians will be fortunate if those promoting the COVID-19 reign of terror stop at merely deplatforming and silencing them.

George Parry is a former federal and state prosecutor. He blogs at and may be reached by email at

George Parry
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George Parry is a former federal and state prosecutor who practices law in Philadelphia and blogs at
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