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Our Bodyguard

When I was younger there was an amazing movie called My Bodyguard, which starred the talented and (yes) conservative actor, Adam Baldwin. Spoiler Alert. But the movie is 35 years old, so I think the statute of limitations is up. The movie was about a kid being bullied at school, so he acquired the biggest, scariest, most popular/unpopular kid at school to be his bodyguard. Of course at first the relationship was one sided, but as the story progressed a friendship ensued. In the end, not only did the bullied need the bodyguard, but the bodyguard needed the bullied, and for the record I’d be a terrible movie synopsis writer.

Yes, I’m on the Trump train, or plane. And, as friends can attest, I’ve been on since it left the station and gate. It’s hard for many of us to exactly say why we support Donald Trump — since the media so eloquently tells us it’s because we are racist, homophobic, Islamophobic; pretty much we are all just disgusting. The truth is we all have our reasons, and yes it’s only Republicans who have to give reasons why we support whom we support. So, I’ll give you my reason, and yes it’s simple, but it’s my reason.

I have about 1,300 Facebook friends, and since I live in Los Angeles it’s safe to say about 1,150 of them are liberal. They post as they please, and comment how they wish to comment. They have no fear of recrimination, no fear of losing work. They have no need for protection since they are the bullies. Call me weak, call me scared, but when your livelihood is threatened by your expression, you should be scared. Yes, I’m lucky I have a few underground friends that I can talk politics with, but that’s about all the shade and cover that I have. Heck, last week I had a family member apologize to me, which honestly is nice since I’m usually apologizing, for not being able to share my posts since it might damage her relationship with her clients. Yes, this is what it has come down to, our beliefs, or our friendships and employment. And yes this is the goal of the left; to beat any dissenting views into submission, to isolate and destroy, to embarrass us, to shame us. Imagine if they dealt with ISIS the way they do with their own countrymen.

Is Donald a Republican or a conservative? At this point does it really matter? In America we are who we say we are. So, that fateful morning he came down that escalator and said what he said, and made liberals across the United States urinate on themselves and spit up their lattes, he became our bodyguard. He’s become our fullback, and all that he asks is that we follow his blocking and we will get in the end-zone. Pretty simple request, I think. Who really cares about his motives? I can guarantee you they aren’t worse than Hillary’s. Why should we have to defend our thoughts and beliefs? This is the freaking United States of America, and our inalienable rights are on the line.

We are now at that part of the movie where the bodyguard needs the bullied. Just as our bodyguard offered us shade and protection from global warming, it’s our turn to reciprocate. For those like Sean Hannity and Rush Limbaugh who offered us shading when all there was sun, thank you. Thank you for allowing the silent majority to no longer be silent, thank you for allowing our thoughts to not just be thoughts. Thank you for risking everything so the rest of us don’t.

So, you Never Trumpers, is he or isn’t he? Who really cares, because lord knows he’s being treated like one of us now, and isn’t that the only thing that matters? Yes, there is still protection from the sun for you, and remember the next time you tweet, post, comment, to have a little gratitude for those who paved the road when it was dirt. Also, remember that just because you are a Never Trumper, you are still a dirty conservative who’s never going to be invited to the prom no matter how well dressed and well behaved you are.

So, in a society where you are who you say you are, Donald is now ours, so welcome to the party, pal (as the character John McClane says in Die Hard). And thank you for defending the First Amendment, because without that do the others really matter? And to my friends and family underground and in hiding, you have your Bodyguard and it’s safe to say he’s gotten a lot of sun.

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