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One Tweet at a Time, Progressives Blaze the Way Toward a New Religion

Yet again, the liberal Twitter trolls have found another pointless crusade to rage about as they once more wake from the depths of their parents’ basement. This time, the fight is over Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey and his tweet about buying Chick-Fil-A.  Chick-Fil-A’s CEO has come out against gay marriage, so logically, this means that anyone who buys an Original Chicken sandwich is promoting homophobia.  This tweet also comes at a sensitive time for liberal snowflakes, right smack dab in the middle of June, aka Pride month.  Dorsey eventually gave in to the raving trolls and admitted that he was wrong to buy the sandwich.

Dorsey’s name has been smeared for eating a sandwich. Even though tomorrow, everyone will forget that this ever happened, the important part is not the tweet.  It is why people reacted like they did to a man exercising his free will to eat a chicken sandwich that is significant.  Access to the world wide web has opened the opportunity for mass, anonymous, and intensive virtue signaling.  In this case, a man is being shamed and judged for his lunch choice, which had nothing to do with his opinions on gay marriage.

The nature of the progressive movement allows for such rampant, unchecked judgement. Progressives build their own moral high road; that is the essence of Progressivism.  Change is good always. And who defines change but the Progressives themselves?  Therefore, those with ideologically dissenting ideas are automatically seen as wrong. Because the Liberals have created a new god for themselves, i.e. themselves.  How suddenly conservatives (or anyone else who denies their doctrine) find themselves cornered, back against the cold wall of “denial” “hatred” “misogyny” “homophobia”, etc.  Anyone caught denying progressive doctrine is socially and politically tried for heresy and burned at the stake.  Every crusade of the Left turns into a witch hunt.  Take the #MeToo movement for example.  #MeToo feminists take to the stand, and are given unlimited credulity. Whoever they name as a sex offender is automatically castigated by the Left, guilty unless proven innocent. Concurrently, if you’re gay and want a wedding cake, not one of the hundreds of bakeries ought to deny you, unless to forfeit their right to a private business.  Also, if your university does not have an inordinate amount of minorities, you must be racist. That’s the only logical conclusion, folks.

Modern leftist thought finds its next target or topic by searching for possible ways to be offended.  For possible ways to inflame a minority.  Left politicians want to defend as many minorities or labeled groups as possible, since the more groups they defend, the more votes at the ballot box.  Sympathy is their campaign.  Ironically though, attack is their method.


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