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Omar’s Congress: A Resolution About Nothing
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The fact that over 400 House members voted for yesterday’s resolution condemning all forms of “hate” is evidence enough of its worthlessness, but specifically the fact that Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-Al Shabab), the Somali immigrant of suspect legality representing the awful parts of Minneapolis formerly represented by Farrakhan disciple Keith Ellison, voted in favor ought to be convincing.

Waste. Of Time.

Omar is the reason the House thought it necessary to put on such a virtue-signaling performance, as since she assumed office in January she’s been unable to shut up about her disdain for Israel and American Jews — and the rhetoric has been escalated weekly. Finally, when Omar accused those members of Congress who support America’s sole true ally in the Middle East of having divided loyalties, with the implication that those loyalties would be divided because they’re Jewish, something had to be done.

Heck, a month ago House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Majority Leader Steny Hoyer put out a joint statement trashing Omar for things she’d said in her first couple of weeks in office. “Congresswoman Omar’s use of anti-Semitic tropes and prejudicial accusations about Israel’s supporters is deeply offensive,” it read.

Except the modern Democrat Party isn’t capable of taking such a stand, as it proved yesterday. By the time a simple rebuke of Omar’s Jew-hatred had washed through the majority’s Festivus-style airing of identity-politics grievances, the resolution was so watered-down that Omar and her fellow Muslim congresscritters Rashida Tlaib and Andre Carson put out a statement heralding the “historic” act of Congress that condemned “Anti-Muslim bigotry.”

Some 23 Republicans thought the process so laughable that they refused to vote for a resolution which failed to specifically condemn Omar — which created the media meme that the GOP endorses anti-Semitism.

Because of course there would be such a media meme.

This fiasco won’t likely be forgotten, though it’s pretty clear the Democrats believe they’ve got a lot of latitude with Jewish voters to treat them so shabbily as to effectively condone Omar’s rhetoric — which by the way she steadfastly refuses to apologize for.

The fun part of all of this is Omar, Tlaib, and the third of the House Freshman Democrats’ Graeae, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, who celebrated with Omar on the House floor after the vote yesterday, will take their political triumph as encouragement for even more outrageous behavior. This at a time when Ocasio-Cortez is facing fairly well-supported allegations of running both her campaign and a PAC supporting it last year, about as bright-line a violation of campaign finance law as it’s possible to commit.

None of this is a good sign for Pelosi’s speakership. A month ago she was calling Omar offensive, and now she can’t even get a majority of her colleagues to agree with her without a performance of We Are the World. If you see this as evidence the House is rudderless, you’re not alone.

2020 will be here before you know it.

While Pelosi and the Democrats lack the stomach to specifically call out an unassimilated Third World refugee for bringing the tribal vendettas of Mogadishu to the House of Representatives, they’ve certainly got the sand for their own agenda.

Like relitigating the 2018 Georgia gubernatorial election, for example. Or attempting to smear Donald Trump’s children. The sudden feting of Michael Cohen, particularly when it gave leverage to Kim Jong-Un in nuclear negotiations with Trump last week — and quite possibly destroyed any chance of getting a deal to finally end the Korean War — was a true Congressional lowlight.

But we’ll get used to these impeachment circuses soon enough. We’ll have no choice, because they’re literally all Pelosi’s Democrats will do in this Congress. If they can’t even condemn anti-Semitism in a symbolic resolution, how are they going to legislate?

Dennis Prager’s piece Tuesday at NationalReview (and, I suppose, other places) about immigration and values is a must-read, particularly for those looking for support in discussions with the Social Justice mob who assert any concerns about open borders are based in racism.

Prager notes that the problem with immigration is immigrants bring the values of the places they came from to their new home — and all too often those values are the reason the Old Country was worth leaving in the first place. That’s true of ultra-violent Central America, backwards Somalia, and awful Afghanistan, but it’s similarly true of New York, Illinois and California, whose émigrés are deluging America’s more currently desirable red states.

It used to be true that America’s culture was strong enough to assimilate newcomers, and it’s also true that there are immigrants who come to this country specifically to escape and shun the old ways — Cubans fleeing communism are a perfect example. But in those old days, the immigrants mostly came from European countries where the Judeo-Christian ethic held sway, and our culture is so weak now that we can’t even assimilate our own schoolchildren.

Something has to give. Until it does, there is a great argument to put a clamp on more. And yes, it is an emergency.

Scott McKay
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