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Oedipus Wrecks

Well, we have been waiting for the other “Shoo!” to drop and now we are hearing it all around us from high-minded Republicans of all stripes… well, of pinstripes in any case. Suddenly they are dismayed and disappointed and discouraged and dismissive and disparaging and disapproving and disrespecting and disdaining and disgusted and, most importantly, disloyal. Dey nevah hoid sumtin like dis befaw!

They want Trump to think about dropping out of the Presidential race and they are offering a Pence for his thoughts. Why? Because they were shocked to hear Trump blustering on tape to some TV dude (a high-energy guy named Bush) about how aggressively a star can move on women who catch his fancy. Now lots of writers (Alphabet males) have penned columns and politicians have gone on live mics of their own to declare their contempt of courting in the style described by Trump.

Mister Trump issued an apology for allowing himself to slip into macho locker room banter, while noting he had heard far worse from Bill Clinton on the golf course. He added that his travels and interactions with ordinary Americans over the past year have burnished his sensitivity. His next step was to switch into offense by inviting Bill Clinton’s victims, Juanita Broaddrick and Kathleen Willey and Paula Jones, to join him at the St. Louis town hall debate. He also brought Kathy Shelton, the once 12-year-old rape victim who was denied justice through Hillary’s slippery lawyering.

All I did was talk boorishly, Trump maintains, not behave brutishly as Bill Clinton does. So the question for us to ponder is: are Donald and Bill the same sort of powerful wolves terrorizing the herd of sheepish females, or does Bill walk the walk while Donald only talks the talk?

To be honest I have no idea. The evidence for Bill being a bad guy is plentiful, but the jury is out on whether Trump is swimming in the same kettle of fish. The only thing I can go by to make a determination is to compare the welfare of Clinton’s targets and Trump’s infatuations. The difference is stark. One thing pretty much every girl Trump has ever been linked with has in common; they are uncommonly successful in a variety of fields.

From models and actresses to fashion designers and all manner of attorneys and executives, the Trump “type” is strong and proud and capable. Besides for his famous love interests, all doing well professionally and financially, look at the list of women the New York Times profiled, trying to put critical words in their mouths. Those are all powerhouse success stories, many of them launched by Trump’s employment or investment.

Now turn to the Clinton victims and you see a bottomless well of sadness. These are women who are bowed and largely broken. They have been hounded and vilified by Hill after being aggressed by Bill. Lately they have gathered some bravado in the autumn of their lives to point a finger at the venal and venereal couple who have sacrificed them on the altar of their appetites. Weren’t they obligated to give the good old boy a good time for the greater good? How can they fail to feel the honor of being invited for a few fleeting moments into the presence of greatness?

Look at Monica Lewinsky, like Moses’ mother “a daughter of the Tribe of Levi,” a child of privilege from Beverly Hills whose father was a successful physician and whose mother remarried into the billionaire Strauss family, owner of Pep Boys. She fell for the biggest pep boy of all, Bill Clinton, who used her and discarded her, who denied her and mocked her — “that woman, Miss Lewinsky” — and then admitted her and belittled her.

She has nothing in her life, no husband, no children, because everywhere she goes she wears The Sapphire Letter, hunted by Sidney Blumenthal as a “stalker” and haunted by Hillary as a “narcissistic loony toon.” Like Cain, she wanders and drifts across the earth, but unlike Cain, she is not the guilty one. The real sinners are out collecting hundreds of millions in decadence dividends.

Look at Kathy Shelton, the child rape victim (at the age of 12!) Hillary pilloried as a fantasist who sought the company of older men. She was damaged by the assault and could never have children. It was only recently she learned the identity of the defense attorney who got her rapist released on a technicality within a few months. See how heavily the trauma wears upon her to this very day.

The list goes on, and frankly, the majority of women are still too fearful to step forward. There has been no Bill Cosby moment for the Clintons, nothing to free tens of abused women from shame and stigma. Trump has a history of being a player, and I am not winking at that. You are every bit within your rights to disapprove. But Bill and Hillary Clinton are a destructive force, a wrecking ball, a hurricane leaving poor, defenseless women without homes and without power.

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