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Nothing Macho, Please

Some very odd, things are going on in the upper echelons of the Australian Army.

A much-decorated Australian soldier, Major Bernard Gaynor, is fighting, largely alone, a battle against homosexual servicemen marching in uniform in “Gay Pride” parades that also mock and insult Christianity and with obscene displays before audiences that include children.

Gaynor served three tours of duty in Iraq while serving in Army intelligence. He has several awards recognizing outstanding conduct and was awarded the United States Meritorious Service Medal for operational performance in Iraq in 2008-09.

I have written elsewhere of Royal Australian Air Force Squadron-Leader Vince Chong receiving a gold commemoration from the vice-chief of the Australian Defense Force for his efforts as chairman of the Australian Defense Gay and Lesbian Information Service.

The activities of this body include having servicemen and women of all ranks marching in uniform in the Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras.

Members of the defense forces are normally prohibited from taking part in any political activities when in uniform. However, according to it own report, features and objective of the 2012 Mardi Gras included:“Providing resources and opportunities to our community for creative and politicalexpression, and the provision of a platform for political measures and protest.”

Sifting through the voluminous and legalistic Army correspondence on the matter, one thing stands out: the Australian Defense Force, in the interests of political correctness, appears to have ditched any notion of equal treatment.

Most Australians would have no suspicion of the lengths the Australian Defense Force has gone to recently to accommodate homosexual proselytizing.

Gaynor has campaigned to stop any ADF involvement with the Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras, something he has likened to child abuse.

“If you then knew that on this excursion [to Mardi Gras] my children would be exposed to nudity, sexually explicit activity and groups promoting sado-masochistic homosexual practices and clad in leather like they were about to begin, you would probably think about calling in the child protection agency,” Gaynor said on his website.

Gaynor had by then left the regular army but was still employed part-time in the Army Reserve. As one of his last acts before retiring, the former Chief of the Defense Force, General David Hurley, sent Gaynor a letter telling him his commission as a reserve officer had been terminated because the manner in which he expressed his beliefs was inconsistent with ADF policies. (Gaynor is appealing.)

He has also criticized a general’s speechwriter, Lieutenant Colonel Cate McGregor, who underwent a sex-change to become a woman in 2012.

“At this stage, the Australian Defense Force will be marching in Sydney next year with those who vilify Christianity and General Hurley will be Governor of New South Wales,” Gaynor said. “Speaking up is a dangerous business these days and I am now facing about 13 complaints lodged against me with the New South Wales Anti-Discrimination Board. I do not know the full number because a new complaint seems to arrive on a weekly basis.

“The same homosexual activist has lodged every complaint and he publicly admits that this is his full time job. I face fines of up to $100,000 and, if awarded, these will go straight to the complainant. Most of the complaints do not even refer to my writing, but to fairly bland comments left on my Facebook page. And now the Anti-Discrimination Board is scrutinizing every syllable to find offense — which they always do.

“However, I am also being investigated for suspicious comments that were left on my Facebook page by an anonymous person, screen captured, and then sent to the Anti-Discrimination Board by the complainant — all within a matter of minutes. Of course, the Anti-Discrimination Board is not interested in finding the actual person who left these comments. It just wants to investigate me.

“And the Board has decided that I should face the Civil and Administrative Tribunal for criticizing homosexuals who exposed themselves to children at ‘gay pride’ parades — in North America. And I live in Queensland.”

He has also angered Army brass by arguing that the American, NATO and Australian withdrawal from Afghanistan (where about 40 Australians died) was premature and will result in chaos and eventual Taliban victory.

Gaynor has also called attention to a Defense report released recently which states, for starters, that the male-dominated, Anglo-Australian demographic in the military “is no longer desirable” Perhaps it should recruit more actively among ISIS or the Taliban. One wonders if those responsible for the report have heard of Fort Hood.

He comments “But perhaps the most astounding thing about the report is that it also states that Defense directives and doctrine need to ‘counter the ideal identity of the Anglo-Australian male soldier renowned for acts of courage’.

 “Quite simply,” Gaynor comments, “our military members are being told that they are not to be courageous anymore because it leads minorities to feel less welcome.” So much for Australia’s 96 Victoria Cross and 22 George Cross recipients.

Meanwhile, however, although soldiers may now march in uniform with half-naked, buttock-flashing men and mock-“nuns,” the Army is cracking down on “unacceptable” behavior so long as it is heterosexual. The latest case involves innocent, legal and normal, if vulgar, behavior by soldiers.

It is alleged one of Australia’s leading combat battalions, recently back from Afghanistan, employed (Quel horreur!) topless waitresses at a party. The corporal responsible for organizing it was demoted and imprisoned for disobeying orders that the waitresses remain clothed before having the sentence quashed and his rank re-instated.

Sexual Discrimination Commissioner Ms. Elizabeth Broderick said that the incident showed it would take strong and visible leadership to change the army’s “Macho culture.”

Perhaps more desirable activities for Australian combat soldiers would be jazz ballet, multicultural flower arranging, and the odd black belt in origami.

It was an announced recently that Australian forces are to be deployed against ISIS, but nothing Macho, please!

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