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Not Ready for Primetime

As a friend often says to me, “Television is character first and plot second.” You have to like who you invite into your home each week, way before you entertain the notion of what it is they might be saying. Whether fair or just, that’s reality. As another friend of mine long ago said to me: “Reality is something that doesn’t like to be ignored,” unless you are a politician, or Hillary Clinton, of course.

You and your supporters have continuously been dissecting your defeat in myriad ways in order to help yourselves sleep at night. Be it sexism, racism, misogyny, or James Comey. While you’re at it, why not throw in anti-Semitism? My cousin Solly, in Long Island, didn’t vote for you. I’m not even sure that makes any sense, but honestly neither do any of the other excuses. In the words of another friend, “An excuse is just an excuse.”

Blaming anyone but yourself and your own decisions and choices for your defeat is not only childish, it’s one of the biggest reasons for your loss. Is that any sort of lesson to teach our children? For years it’s always been someone else’s fault. First it was the right wing, and Fox News who came after your husband. Then it was the left wing that beat you in 2008. In 2016 it was the middle, “aka” the “deplorables.” I’m not a mathematician, but you have pretty much blamed everyone in America at some point or another.

Forget about the emails, or Benghazi, or calling millions of Americans deplorable. Forget about your treatment of the women your husband abused, the Russian reset, super predators, and your heroic tales of sniper fire. Wait, America didn’t forget, nor did you ever care. You always just assumed it was your legacy and your right to become president. Well, this isn’t Europe ma’am, and that’s not how Americans roll. Let’s not forget that you almost lost the primaries to a demented communist. He tarnished and tainted your presidential aspirations far more than Donald Trump or James Comey could ever have.

You feel hurt, dejected, as well you should be. America just wasn’t into you. Plainly it didn’t like you. It disliked the sycophants you surrounded yourself with, and the sycophants who defended you. It was you who chose a vice presidential candidate with zero charm, who, frankly, looked like he belonged on a few lists. Tim Kaine was the best you could do? And, if you were a follower, not a denier, of history you would know the original Cain didn’t always evoke the best of references either. But, again, excuses and more excuses.

You were outrun and overmatched. While your opponent was working 24/7 you were, well, who the hell knows what you were doing. Ask ten people today what your campaign slogan was, or what your message was. You and only you created your messes. It wasn’t the American people who bought your servers; it wasn’t the American people who forced you to choose your associates and your associations. Your inability, for probably your whole life, to have a sliver of introspection is what cost you this election. Americans are forgiving people, but they never heard you apologize.

You had no plot, and your characters were unlikable. No, a plot isn’t “I deserve this,” and “it’s simply my right.” Your characters weren’t just bad, they were unwatchable. For many Americans the thought of having your own deplorable sycophants in their living rooms each week was the reason you weren’t picked up. The idea, for many, of having Bubba treat the White House like it’s the home town women’s buffet again was just too much. Weiner, Podesta, and, yes, you along with your lack of introspection, your lack of ever taking responsibility and admitting culpability, and your lack of any sense of humanity, all proved to be too much. Again, to quote many of my friends, “grow up,” then maybe you will acquire some character, and become someone who is welcome in our homes. Or maybe not.

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