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Nordstromgate: End of the Line

The placards reading “no coloreds allowed,” “back of the bus,” “separate drinking fountains,” and “no admission to kikes” gave an inkling of what was to come. Nordstrom’s decision to stop carrying the Ivanka Trump line equated to: “No Trumpicans/Republicans Allowed.” The only thing they have yet to do is put the sign out in front of the store. Sure, Nordstrom did this for financial reasons, and I own three bridges and a couple of tunnels that are for sale in New York City.

How far is the left willing to take this? Separate schools, separate dating sites? When selling a house, will you have to place a T in the listing? Will movies and television shows start to have a T rating? Again, how far down this slippery slope are you willing to take this? Will it be a crime to marry a Trump supporter? Will you ban them from donating blood? A Trump supporter just might taint the blood supply. Where, oh, where does this slippery, disgusting slope, you have created, end?

Or, does the left have cruder solutions in store? Check voter registration forms? Dissect Facebook posts and twitter tweets? Make people swear allegiance to Herr Soros? Will we be getting arm bands with the letter T in the mail? Will there be a manual on what words are allowed to be used, and lists of subversives? Will certain states be selected as “no flyover” zones? This has already started. The only question now is how far the left is willing to take it.

This isn’t hyperbole, and these aren’t scare tactics. These are current and upcoming realities. When congressmen like Tom McClintock have to fear for their lives at town halls, when people have to join private Facebook groups, out of fear of job loss, and social stigma, then, yes, this is very, very real. Mind you, all being at best ignored, and at worst encouraged by the Democrats and their spokespeople at CNN.

So where are we allowed to shop? Who are we allowed date? What movies are we allowed to watch? And, what performers are we allowed to listen too? Just tell us now. Let’s save future time and energy. Do you get Starbucks in the divorce, and we get 7-Eleven? I’m okay with that trade off. Do you get pop and we get country? Do you get rock and we get country? We get the police and the armed forces. You can have the UN troops. To be clear; this is a “break up,” not a “break,” right?

Nordstrom, Lyft, and Uber have started. What I’m guessing is that Macy’s and many more will follow very soon. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. You have negotiated with terrorists, and have set a precedent. You allowed commerce to become part of the left’s arsenal. Are you that dumb to believe that if you carried the Trump line, people would be led to believe that you were Trump Supporters? We won’t shop by you anymore, not because of the ban, but because you are a disgrace as “business people.” The left often talks values. Hell of a value system to teach your children: “ban those who disagree with you’. Hell of a value system, Stephen Curry! Hell of a value system.

The sadness and irony of all of this is that it is Trump supporters who would fight for your rights to have these demented belief systems . It is they who will fight for your free speech and First Amendment rights. It is they whom you call Nazis and fascists. It is they who would protect you while you are in the process of spitting on them. This is irony. Sadly, you have become so toxic and polluted, not by the air you breathe and water you drink, but by your own bigotry and prejudice. You have become everything you hate, and we will defend that too. We will not ban you, and we will not boycott you. We will not protest you, but will defend your right too, not because we want to, but because it’s the American way. It’s Trump’s way, or better known as the First Amendment way. And while you declaim “no Trumps allowed,” and while we might not like you, “you are always allowed.”

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