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No National Divorce: How About Friends With Benefits?

Find a political news site, find a story on “National Divorce.” The National Divorce idea means different things to different people, but mostly it means that the country would splinter and divide into their respective “sides.” It’s an absurd idea that will never happen, as our own Scott McKay points out, and ignores the obvious solution — one the Founders decided upon: federalism. Federalism is what America needs now more than ever.

With abortion hanging in the balance right now, there’s a fair amount of gnashing of teeth on the Left about their potential inability to kill babies everywhere and without any conditions. It’s tough when a religious sacrament like child sacrifice is taken from you, but they’ll have to find ways to soldier on.

Federalism will suddenly become very appealing to these desperate lefties. In addition to creating havens for criminal illegal aliens, drug abusers, the homeless, shoplifting rings, and fascist anti-fascist LARP-ers, they’ll be able to build their baby-killing businesses back even better! This will be good news for all the psychopathic doctors who can’t make it as real surgeons and physicians.

People will vote with their feet and move to states that reflect their values. This is great news. New York, Illinois, California, and many other such states can be bulwarks of taxation, COVID mental illness, depravity, and the rich people who enable it all from their heavily masked, gated tony suburbs, and armed buildings.

Meanwhile, states that prefer free economies, law and order, low taxation, valuing life, liberty, and property, and generally like Jesus will be free to live as they’d like.

The federal leviathan is a rampaging monster at this point and enough is enough. The Founders didn’t want a king or central potentate. They wanted most power divested to the states. Over the years, the federal government bureaucrats (like guns, there are people behind these triggers) put their noses all sorts of places they ought not to have mostly by promising money or withholding it.

What if issues, besides abortion, moved back to the states where they belong? People would pay more attention to local politics. States would have the power the Founders intended.

There is a big impediment to this very obvious plan: the haughty bureaucrat. People depersonalize the federal government like they do criminals in favored classes — Alec Baldwin, for example. Guns shoot themselves. Cars plow through crowds of their own volition. The world is a passive place where inanimate objects get angry. The problem with this view of the government is that it pretends that the bureaucracy is not made up of people removed from the actual problems they’re regulating and ruling upon. A government of hundreds of kings managing fiefdoms and outlasting elected officials tend to believe themselves untouchable and invincible no matter how inane. Anthony Fauci and James Comey and Lois Lerner come immediately to mind in this regard, but there are many, many of these people.

Power, once accrued, is difficult to part with and the bureaucrats have one law: survival. That means budget. That means expansion. That means rules to demonstrate reasons for existence. It is constant, growing, expanding, and strangles the country from a central place, far removed from the people, businesses, and institutions they influence. The only hope that the American people have, as they’re being bankrupted by these do-gooders, is that bureaucrats are exceedingly incompetent. The end scene of Raiders of the Lost Arc gives Americans hope, but that was before technology allowed the government to trace every move a citizen makes.

America is a techno-fascist state where the government and tech companies work together gathering data on American citizens in order to control how citizens believe, act, buy, sell, and move. The government can know, in nearly real-time, what interests you, what you own, how you vote, and now, the feds want to know how you spend every dollar by direct access to your bank account.

Vaccine passports are the current step in complete surveillance. It’s a mere hop to total social control of American citizens, ala China. This needs to be fought with every fiber of your freedom-loving being. Only those who have zero foresight and little knowledge of history believe this technology is a benign development.

Divesting the federal government of this power is critical for federalism to rise. States are asserting themselves in this fascistic Biden era. COVID has lifted the rotted log and revealed the bugs scurrying beneath it. Infectious ideas like critical race theory, which permeate the federal government and are encouraged from on high, are being confronted locally. What has been the federal response? The FBI is putting protesting parents on lists and arresting them, harassing them, and calling them terrorists. The FBI should no more be at a local school board meeting than they should be sitting in on state-level congressional committee meetings.

America is a techno-fascist state where the government and tech companies work together gathering data on American citizens in order to control how citizens believe, act, buy, sell, and move.

Should the Supreme Court send abortion rule-making back to the states where it belongs, and should have never left, it will open the door to reevaluating the unconstitutional role of many parts of the federal government.

Federalism is the solution. States will evolve differently and become unique places to live and work. That’s as it should be. America isn’t China nor should it be. Let people live and work as they wish. Let the states be the experiments they were meant to be. Stop forcing all Americans into a singular (leftist) worldview. Abortion laws going back to the states would create a new way of thinking about all laws.

Let states be friends with benefits. America was never meant to be a paternalistic marriage led by kings and their fiefs.

Melissa Mackenzie
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Melissa Mackenzie is Publisher of The American Spectator. Melissa commentates for the BBC and has appeared on Fox. Her work has been featured at The Guardian, PJ Media, and was a front page contributor to RedState. Melissa commutes from Houston, Texas to Alexandria, VA. She lives in Houston with her two sons, one daughter, and two diva rescue cats. You can follow Ms. Mackenzie on Twitter: @MelissaTweets.
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