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NFL Upholds Brady’s 4-Game Suspension (Or If Only Democrats Were This Tough With Hillary)

NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell has upheld New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady’s 4-game suspension.

Although Brady might try to get an injunction against the suspension, I doubt the courts will take up the matter.

It appears that what got Brady in the end was destroying his cellphone. Over at Forbes, Bill Whalen draws parallels between Brady and Hillary Clinton:

Someone who should be taking note of how Deflategate has played out is Hillary Clinton , the proprietor of Servergate.

Brady reportedly destroyed a cell phone.

Hillary destroyed thousands of emails.

Brady didn’t fully cooperate with the league.

Hillary’s relation with the Republican Congress: anything but harmonious .

Brady and the New England Patriots front office probably made the calculation that, in the end, the league would let him off easy.

Hillary and her political handlers probably have made the calculation that voters, in the end, will care little for federal email policy.

But again, it’s not the crime but the cover-up. And the danger for Mrs. Clinton: the nagging thought that, if she hasn’t done anything wrong, what’s she hiding?

Which, in turn, leads to the greater perception problem of both Clinton’s as not hardly honest or forthcoming — the kind of shopworn, “‘Is is‘ discomfort/fatigue that could weigh on voters’ minds.

Someone who understands the Clinton mindset, as he’s covered the couple going back to the Arkansas years, is The National Journal’s Ron Fournier. Fournier’s a reporter, a pundit and, in this election cycle, a self-appointed “Clintonologist“ dedicated to the art of parsing the candidate’s words.

Here’s what Fournier’s surmised with regard to Servergate: Mrs. Clinton’s explanations are “legalistic at best, deceptive at worst…”

He adds: “Clinton has put herself in a box. She can either hand the server over to an independent third party, who would protect her private email and our government’s working email. Or she can stonewall.

“The latter course gives every voter the right—and every self-respecting journalist the responsibility—to ask, ‘What were you hiding, Hillary?’

“What are you hiding?”

We may never find out what Tom Brady had on his cell phone.

Time will tell if we get to find out what Mrs. Clinton is or isn’t hiding on her server.

Unlike the quarterback, the candidate won’t be sidelined for the crime and conspiracy of playing with deflated footballs.

But if Hillary Clinton continues to be legalistic and tricky: it’s her chances of winning the presidency that will continue to lose air.

Yet all of this assumes that Democrats and media (what Fournier calls “self-respecting journalists”) will be as tough on Hillary as Goodell was on Brady. Yes, Bernie Sanders makes for an interesting challenge. But who expects Hillary to lose to the socialist from Vermont?  So assuming Hillary wins the nomination I don’t have to tell you which party’s presidential candidate will be subject to more scrutiny from “self-respecting journalists.”

Right about now Tom Brady wishes he could change his last name to Clinton.

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