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NBC News: OK There’s Voter Fraud, But Not THAT Much

With the latest Project Veritas video sting revealing details of just how Democrats like to commit voter fraud, the old leftists line about the nonexistence of fraud is out the window. It should be, anyway. The O’Keefe videos aren’t getting quite the blanket coverage they would be getting if the fraud were on the other foot.

This little gem from NBC News is interesting, if only because it admits that some fraud occurs.

While Donald Trump has raised the specter of voter fraud involving the identities of dead voters on Nov. 8, elections experts say such fears are based in more fantasy than fact.

“It is possible to have some votes stolen in this way, but it’s not possible to be done on a wide scale,” said Dick Simpson, a University of Illinois-Chicago political science professor, who said there are many safeguards in place to prevent such fraud.

And Simpson would know — he’s also a former Chicago alderman.

What follows are assurances from the very people who would have to be involved in the facilitation of the fraud that-you guessed it-the fraud doesn’t happen. Or doesn’t happen enough, to be precise. There are safeguards in place, don’t you know. They are quite proud of the fact that it is difficult for dead people to vote. Not impossible, mind you, merely difficult.

That’s sort of weird to me because virtually every dead person I know finds it impossible to do anything other than, you know, be dead.

The kinds of fraud mentioned in the NBC article may be difficult to pull off, but the guy in the Project Veritas sting was talking about busing people to different polling places and having them vote more than once. The kind of thing that would be easier to pull off if no one had to show identification when voting.

Which is precisely why Democrats fight voter ID laws harder than they fight terrorism.

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