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Melissa Young’s Whisper: The Plight of a Determined Trump Supporter

“We are going to be watching your boy,” Mr. Trump told Melissa Young, the former Miss Wisconsin who competed in the 2005 Miss USA Pageant. She showed up at one of Mr. Trump’s rallies some months ago to thank him for the kindness he had shown her and his encouragement that ultimately helped her through a very difficult time two years ago. Melissa is once again going through a very difficult time, and her support for Mr. Trump has made her struggle even more trying.

Ms. Young is losing her battle with autonomic failure, a condition that has led to the breakdown of her nervous system. She has been told she has the heart of a 90-year-old woman and there is no cure. She is dying.

I first met Melissa, when she was a guest on my radio show, “Rose Unplugged.” It was clear to me, after that brief meeting, why she was voted “Miss Congeniality” in the 2005 Miss USA Pageant. Meeting her has afforded me one of those rare moments: recognizing you have met someone who makes you feel you’ve known them a lifetime.

What I find absolutely difficult to accept is that she won’t have a very long lifetime to share with those of us who love her. She and I became closer friends over the summer. I was able to obtain a ticket for her to attend the Victory Party at the Hilton Midtown on election night. The two of us were joined that night by another friend, Lauren, associate producer of Sean Hannity’s radio show. We sat up until 5:30 that morning celebrating Mr. Trump’s victory and laughing like three women who had many years ahead of good times and celebrations. For a spell, the reality of life and death was mercifully obscured by our euphoria. The reality is, one of us is having those years rapidly stolen by the cruel hand of a disease most people have never heard of.

Rising just barely above the loud voices of the protesters is Melissa Young’s whisper, “Stop the madness — please!” Whisper is no exaggeration; she can barely manage that much these days. Her message, however, is strong. “I’m not out protesting in the streets. I’ve never spoken an ill word about the left or anyone with an opposing view. It was never political for me.” For her, it was just a story. Her story, about a man that she knew — before he announced his bid for the presidency.

Since her support of Mr. Trump has made headlines, Melissa has been on the receiving end of all types of threats. The night of the election, one threat was acted out, an attempt to break into her home. Last Sunday, there was another attempt. This time, the perpetrator was successful in stealing her car.

Despite the threats on her safety, family, and home, Melissa told me yesterday that she would have never had peace leaving this world without expressing her gratitude to Trump, and, more than that, send a message to her 8-year-old son, Jack. That message is: “Even if it is with your last breath, you must speak the truth, speak out about what is right.” The only time you will find her silent, she said, is when she is no longer here.

She won’t take her Trump sign down, and she won’t stop talking. “It is the only thing that God has left me with. My voice. It’s all I have, and I will continue to use it for what I believe is right. And this” — a President Trump — “is right.” She continued in her small whisper of a voice, “I think a story untold has no effect on people’s lives. A story untold doesn’t change anything. I’m not one to lie down and not participate.”

She thinks a lot about the violence that many are participating in or experiencing. She was particularly concerned about the 15-year-old who was beat up by four students in Maryland during a “peaceful” walk out, because he was wearing a MAGA hat. “I am not the only one who has been terrorized or bullied. It has to stop. Because of my words — I have been terrorized in my own home. I’m sad it has come to this — but I cannot allow fear to keep me quiet. It is not who I am — It is not who I want my son to be. I want him to have the courage that the 15-year-old had to express himself. Courage can be found in all of us to stand up for what we believe. I myself have been the most vocal during my weakest days.”

Melissa makes this plea, one of her last: “The truth is — everybody has a mother. Whether you are on the left or the right. Whether you voted or didn’t. How would you feel if your mother, at the end of her life, who only wants to spend those last days with her child, was being terrorized? How could you attempt to rob that mother of her final days spent with the one she loves?” Rob her of anything else but not that. She continued: “Converting your passion to acts of mindless criminality is essentially silencing yourself.”

Melissa is so right. Forces of chaos and division feed on our anger. They incite and direct it. It is their purpose. We are canon fodder in their anarchist agenda. They smile, as we point the guns of rage at our own temples. Don’t be fooled by the noise and the chaos. We must commit to stand by one another. This is a great nation. Melissa told me that she didn’t want to leave her son to a country divided. She said she fought for Mr. Trump and for a country that was safe and whole.

Imagine this: a woman, a mother, hooked up to an IV, desiring to spend her last days in peace and in love. I am sorry that she has had to experience the invasion of her home and her peace. Somehow, though, she remains strong through it all. A failing heart but a stout heart. A heart hanging on a thread of love and faith and hope for a future she will never know. We echo what Mr. Trump said to Melissa: “We are all watching your boy.” We love you girl.

For more information and to help, go here: Fight For Melissa

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