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Masters of Inhumanity

No suspense this time around. Anyone who says someone else is “unfit to be a human” clinches our golden prize, hook, line, and sinker. Way to go, Ana Navarro. Your post-Jeb career isn’t wanting in the energy that made his run exhausting. Though we are curious, given that it’s all playing out at the network that has zero tolerance for any strains of Hitlerian speech. Wasn’t the Nazis’ denial of their victims’ essential humanity a characteristic of the Holocaust?

Must say too that we’re mightily impressed by the humanity displayed by all those at CNN who weren’t purged in the Sieg Heil putsch of Jeffrey Lord, all of them rushing to resign en masse out of solidarity with a victim of corporate bigotry, cowardice, and intolerance. After all the bullying he put up with night after night, as seven of them on average would beat up on an isolated and cornered Jeff, didn’t they owe him something? How about a goodbye party, or a CNN special on the Lord Years? To think he wasted a Saturday night last spring to attend the White House Correspondents’ Dinner as a CNN guest which the president had the good sense to blow off. Jeff had made them all look good, understanding the Trump phenomenon well before anyone else on any other network caught on. And now they’ll pretend he never existed.

Tit for tat will come no sweat. We can’t promise, but it’s conceivable that Ms. Navarro will be the last CNN connected persona ever to be named EOW. With Jeff gone, there’s now one more liberal hotbed to avoid like the plague. Increasingly, the liberal super culture is being left to its own devices, and that means you can throw in your remotes and DVRs because liberaldom is just not going to be watched on any self-respecting monitors. Turn them on by mistake and you’ll see a bevy of aggrieved loudmouths savaging the latest our nation’s ruling president has said or not said or refused to say or insisted on saying or said with insufficient sincerity or as if he were overcompensating.

We owe his predecessor an apology — he knew what he was doing when he doubled-down on mental health coverage as a pioneering feature of Obamacare.

Now comes a Washington Post story insisting this time they got the president dead to right on the Russian story, all because some campaign operative no one had ever heard of tried at least six times unsuccessfully to set up Trump & Co. meetings with prominent Russian officials only to be ignored by Trump & Co. each and every time. Instead, the broadening scandal is that Mr. Trump’s fabulous predecessor knew already in 2014 that Moscow had mischief in mind for 2016. So we owe Mr. O another apology. Remember when he asked Putin’s beard Medvedev to convey to Vladimir that he’d have more flexibility after the election? Clearly, it has become obvious, he meant not after 2012 but after 2016. It was an insurance policy as wildly conceived as Obamacare itself. If the damn Dems lost in 2016, the Russia connection could then come into play. For the next four years the Democrat party would have coverage, cradle to grave.

Whether it was the Clintons never stopping to think about tomorrow or Obama telling announcing last June that “The Future Does Not Belong to Strongmen,” these folks really do think and plan ahead. Along the way, they’ll poison the commonweal, proving time and again that the best-laid plans of mice and men of their ilk always go awry — and that institutions like Enemy Central will be needed to pick up the pieces. We don’t know where the Rev. Hillary is spending her summer vacation, perhaps at a convent, but we have heard that the Big O is hanging out on Martha’s Vineyard once more, reliving his glory years and planning his next sojourn in Tahiti, where he needs to get going on chapter one or two of his memoirs (we’ve lost track). We’re counting on Ana Navarro to join him there as his human fitness adviser. Just make sure, Ana, he pays you as much as the men in his employ. With these people, old habits die hard.

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