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Lucky Lindsey Ends the Year on a High Note

Say what you will about our 44th president — and keep saying it, please, because he really can’t stand not being the center of attention — but there’s been a rhyme to his anti-Israeli madness, some of it worthy of Sir Galahad. Could be you haven’t noticed, but by refocusing world attention and obloquy on himself, he’s removed Lady Hillary from the spotlight. When’s the last time we heard boo from her? Well before Christmas, by our calculations. We don’t even know where she spent Christmas, or if anyone even bought her a present, or if she gave her poodle any toys (of the gender-neutral variety, we presume). Actually, the story gets sadder. We’ve just been informed that a few days ago, the indefatigable Daily Caller caught up with her, dining alone and staring into her felonious cellphone. Jefferson never had to do that when dining alone. Nor did he have any compelling need to break glass ceilings at Monticello either.

Maybe we’re being too kind to our lameducky president. In the end, he did give Hillary cover, true, but this latest campaign started with a serious bit of dissing at her expense. She played it too safe, he said to David Axelrod. One could just as well say she had the wrong kind of people campaigning for her — was there a day in the weeks before the election when our manic president didn’t appear somewhere to bellow before bused-in crowds that electing Hillary to a third Obama term was the only way to immortalize his delusions of grandeur?

And now he’s jiving that had he headed the ticket, he’d have defeated that chump Trump. We’ve heard it all before. If you like his big talk, you can keep it. Our President-elect should find a slot for this Big Talk Barack on Linda McMahon’s WWE circuit. He’s not exactly the hulk Hulk Hogan was, but certainly he would draw curious gawkers interested in the new skinny.

So, any truth to the lameduck’s claim Moscow was behind Hillary’s defeat? The CIA told him as much itself, and that agency is as clean as anyone else in his administration, beginning with our friends at the IRS, the Lynch mob at Justice, and the dirty breathers at the EPA. Still, it is disturbing to think this prez of all people would model his behavior on Joe McCarthy’s. It’s created a delicious slew of ironies. For instance, we’re told that the President-elect is in bed with Mr. Putin. Yet those who tells us that are now also going after Mr. President-elect for setting off a new nuclear arms race with… Mr. Putin. Now why in the world would he do that if he’s best best friends with the sanctioned one? Sort of like Tom Cruise’s wild racing against his NASCAR rival turned best bud “Rowdy” in Days of Thunder? Who’ll ever forget Fred Thompson reading them the riot act.

Would that we still had Fred around to deal with another dynamic duo, the U.S. Senate’s Mutt and Jeff, aka Sens. McCain and Graham. Back in the day when the former was an officer and a giant, would he have tolerated the company of a lowlife named Lindsey? Sad to say, Sen. McCain never has recovered from the Keating Five scandal. And now he thinks he’s the only one who stands between our national security and Siberian exile under the upcoming regime. He’ll never be an EOW, to be sure, but his shoeshine boy and buckle polisher is another matter.

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