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Liberal Officials Beware: You Will Be Pepper-Sprayed Next

What was most disturbing about the violence at UC Berkeley and New York University on Wednesday and Thursday nights was the extent to which actual human beings were targeted.

Most left-wing rioters have usually destroyed property, which is bad enough. At most, they typically had one or two incidents of assault. But at Berkeley and NYU the assaults occurred early and often.

Here are videos of two of the more disturbing instances in Berkeley:

And here is one from NYU:

Paul Joseph Watson has a good round up of the Berkeley riot.

Watson ascribes the violence to “the mainstream media and the left [that] has legitimized [it] for the last 18 months. This process intensified after news outlets like the Nation and Newsweek celebrated alt-right leader Richard Spencer being punched in the face during the inauguration last month. This is what happens when leftists openly call for Trump’s assassination and argue that violent attacks on his supporters should not be condemned.”

True enough. But there is another force at play as well.

In recent days liberal California officials have thrown fuel on the “we don’t have to obey the law” fire.

In response to President Trump’s Executive Order 13768 that would stop federal funds from going to so-called sanctuary jurisdictions (i.e., local governments that help illegal immigrants break the law), various mayors in California have vowed to resist the order, with San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo (D) saying, “We are not going to engage in immigration enforcement, and we are also not going to engage in conspiracies with immigration officers that are going to undermine our ability to maintain the trust and relationship that we currently enjoy with our entire community.”

And while former California Assembly Speaker Willie Brown (D) suggested California officials could “recommend non-compliance with the federal tax code,” state legislators were threatening to expand their defiance of federal law by making sanctuary for illegal immigrants a state-wide policy.

Gee, what kind of message does that send to the young folks in the streets of Berkeley and New York City? When the officials who are supposedly sober and have self-control (at least more so than their more youthful fellow travelers) say that it is okay to disobey the law, it’s easy to see what will happen with young people who already have a penchant for blocking streets, setting fires, and destroying property. They’ll assume that lawbreaking now has the blessing of the “adults,” and they will ramp up their own lawlessness another notch or two.

Liberal politicians should take heed, though. While the protesters are currently venting their ire on President Trump and his supporters, the young people like those on the streets of Berkeley and New York are known for impatience and a penchant for displacing their anger. Sooner or later, they will turn their hostility toward liberals in authority, and it will be those liberals who will find pepper spray in their faces.

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