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Letters to the Editor: Expert Opinions
Dr. Anthony Fauci at a coronavirus task force briefing, Jan. 31, 2020 (Andrea Hanks/Official White House Photo)

Plandemic: Fact or Fiction?

Probably both. It’s promoted by producers as a “movie,” not a documentary, and it’s being used to promote book sales. Clear conflict of interest.

Here’s a play-by-play:

– Is it plausible that a whistleblower would be defamed and framed? Absolutely.

– Is Dr. Judy Mikovits telling the truth? Maybe, no way to verify.

– Do corporations put profit over people? Shareholders come first.

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– Does our medical system do a terrible job with preventative care, and are millions suffering due to lack of education that doctors should be providing or at least referring out? YES.

– Have vaccines saved millions of lives, are effective and mostly safe? YES.

– Have they injured people? YES.

– Do benefits outweigh the risks? YES.

– Can we trust the data? Yes. But many drugs and medical devices have been recalled and later found out that manufacturers were lying.

– Should we get vaccinated? Follow your doctor’s advice after doing your own research.

– Should they be mandatory? It’s a violation of human rights to force a medical procedure on someone.

– What about Fauci? Hearsay.

– What about Bill Gates? Is he a cutthroat business man? Yes. Is he a humanitarian? Yes. Is he the anti-christ? Silly. He’s trying what he believes is best, and possibly profitable.

– Should he be making policy? Not unless he’s voted into office.

– What about 5G? Lots of misinformation. Is it possibly dangerous? Yes. Is it likely? Probably not.

– Should I trust the news? It’s tainted by marketing agencies and party affiliation. Right wing, left wing, it’s bits of truth mixed with fear-mongering and a sprinkle of rubbish.

– What about the doctors on YouTube being censored? Same as news, but less credible. Some truth, lots of BS. Freedom of speech should be respected, though, unless they call for violence.

– Should we trust the government? It’s our responsibility to keep them honest, and we’ve been failing.

– Should we trust doctors? Most are good people doing their best. They make mistakes like the rest of us. Keep in mind, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in hospitalizations in the United States.

– What can I do about it? Adopt a healthy lifestyle. Participate in politics. Never agree to any procedure without a second opinion. Question your doctors respectfully. If they are rude, fire them!

And most importantly, stay positive and treat each other with respect.

I don’t believe anything anymore, and I’m at peace with not knowing the truth. I read and watch, and I’m aware everything is propaganda.

Stay safe,

Jonathan M. Fields, AP, DOM

Dr. Jonathan M. Fields, AP, DOM is an integrative medicine practitioner and acupuncture physician with a successful clinic in South Florida. He has four national board certifications, including biomedicine, as well as certifications in functional medicine and injection therapy. He’s a licensed primary care provider, martial arts instructor, published author, and public speaker. Learn more at www.integrativemedicine.us.

* This post in no way constitutes medical advice and is only the express views of the author. Always consult your physician before making any decisions.

May 18

Vote for Me — Doctor’s Orders!

One of the hallmarks of democracy is its emphasis on the health of the citizenry. When a democratic nation’s health status begins to decline precipitously, as America’s did around 1990, it is often a sign that the vitality of the democracy itself is waning. Faltering indicators in maternal and child health, obesity and diabetes, more recently paired up in the 21st century with a lack of general preparation to deal with epidemics.

In ancient, people-oriented governments, top leaders were often chosen for their health science credentials. An example was Moses in ancient Israel, who wrote the book of Leviticus, the nation’s first public health code. Other examples include Imhotep in ancient Egypt, and Shennong in ancient China. Our own country sported a credentialed medical scientist turned political leader in Benjamin Rush, a Founding Father who signed the Declaration of Independence and became the nation’s first Surgeon General.

Today, Taiwan’s Vice President Chen Chien-jen is a government official in the mold of past democratic leaders. Colleagues say he is a scholar who does not care about partisan politics, a sort of Taiwanese version of our own Dr. Fauci. As a trained public health epidemiologist specializing in viruses, Mr. Chien-jen has been at the center of successful preparations to deal with the coronavirus there.

Perhaps it’s time we elected national and state leaders who have a strong background in health and in science. Doing so might prevent the kind of fix we are in now. 


Robert Kimball Shinkoskey

May 17

From Daniel J. Flynn’s Spectator A.M. Newsletter

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I really enjoy your daily communications, and I appreciate, as well, that you’re not a big fan of Dr. Napoleon. I’m not either, since I’m old enough to remember the AIDS crisis, when Dr. Napoleon assured us that AIDS would not remain confined to the homosexual and intravenous-drug using communities but would soon involve and threaten “everyone.” In this, he was supported by other leading scientists, such as Oprah Winfrey, and the major broadcast networks. So, I join you in doubting the infallibility of Dr. Napoleon.

Mike Gerber, M.D.

May 18

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