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Letters to the Editor: We the (Partisan) People
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A More Perfect Union 

Our Founding Fathers risked their lives and fortunes in pursuit of “a more perfect Union.” They fought King George III. They fought one another. They fought to “secure the Blessings of Liberty to ourselves and our Posterity.” They told us so in our Constitution, and by the lives they led.

We the People have carried the fight forward for hundreds of years. The fruit of our fight sometimes has been sweet, and sometimes has been bitter. Prosperity, peace, justice, and the Reconstruction Amendments are woven in the fabric of our fight, as are poverty, war, injustice and the Dred Scott decision.

In every generation we are challenged with the question of whether we will carry the fight forward as a Union, or as individuals.

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Until now, our fight has been as a Union. We passionately have fought among ourselves and even have expressed hatred for one another, as did our Founding Fathers. However, something’s changed. It’s something existentially different. The fight now is between those who cherish our Union and seek to perpetuate it, and those who scorn our Union and seek to replace it with something else. Now some of us feel patriotic goosebumps at the sound of “The Star-Spangled Banner” and “God Bless America,” while others of us feel hatred and seek to stifle our Union’s poetry.

What must our Founding Fathers be thinking? Certainly they’re not focused on any particular policy espoused by any particular politician. They gave us the Great Compromise, as a compromise. They gave us the Bill of Rights, as a compromise. They fought by compromise for “a more perfect Union.” They dreamed we would too.

In 2020, all too many of us are proving their dream a fantasy. George Washington, our Union’s most unifying figure, was chosen unanimously as our first President. Before 2020, we revered him as the Father of our Country. Now statues in his honor are under attack. Will our Union’s Washington Monument become our next World Trade Center?

Our Union is coming apart at the seams. The Democrat Party and the media have called for revolution, coup d’état, and impeachment. The Democrat Party and the media have called for our Union to be replaced with something else — no Electoral College, Socialism, unlimited right to abortion up to the moment of birth at taxpayer expense, no borders, no police, redistribution of wealth, no charter schools, and the right to un-peaceful protests.

On November 3, 2020, We the People once again will be called on to either fight for our Union or to fight against it. Election Day 2020 will not be a day when any particular policy espoused by any particular politician is important. On Election Day 2020, We the People either will fight to preserve our Union, or will bring an end to our Founding Father’s dream.

Without any intended malice or harm, with only love for our Union and fear of its destruction, please ask yourself just this one question, when you’re alone late at night, in the dark, searching your heart of hearts. Do you truly believe that Joseph Biden has the capacity to be the leader of the Free World and preserve our Union?

Steven B. Benisch

July 15

A More Perfect Presidential Campaign

I believe that the reason why Donald Trump focuses so much on the lifestyle, social, “identity-politics,” and “culture-war” issues while focusing much less on the economic, financial, “bread-and-butter,” and “kitchen-table” issues (which I happen to focus on) is because research clearly shows that when the Democrats focus on “my” issues they win almost every national election in every two years, and when they focus on “his” issues they lose almost every national election in every two years.

He knows exactly what he is doing and why.

Stewart B. Epstein

July 11

P.S. Here is my source and back-up: Mark Lilla, The Once And Future Liberal: After Identity Politics

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Regarding your paragraph on expropriators: This would be one of the pervasive and insidious effects of Sullivan’s Law. To the clear-eyed, the mere statement of the law, which at first might seem incredible, brings realization of its truth and the reasons for it. People not of the Left need to be constantly aware of it. To those of the Left, everything is political. Liberals are constant in their activism, and what they advocate for is what sounds good, as opposed to what works. When no one fights back, it wins. People not of the Left tend to concentrate on their own back yards. Thus, every organization, from the garden club to the great foundations, whose purpose is not explicitly the advancement of conservative causes, will become liberal” (and considering the recent trajectory of National Review, a coda might be added to that).

John Haley

July 14

Brilliant comment on Bastille Day. Two revolutions: USA = God-based rights; France = government-based rights. It’s obvious which was the right course.

Richard Senturia

July 14

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