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Let Trump Be Trumpet

“Trump will lose,” the naysayers keep neighing in my ear. While Democrats have a mystical belief in their leaders, Republicans tend to the pessimistical. Indeed the Democrats should be called the right, because they think they are always right, and the Republicans should be called the left, because they expect to be left behind.

Winners do not whinny, my friends. It is time to bellow, to roar, to ring the clarions, to shout from the rooftops. Show some confidence, some mettle, some backbone, some mojo, some moxie. Just because you call yourself a Republican does not mean you must adopt the lugubrious persona of Mitch McConnell.

Trump will win because he can win and he can win because he must win. The notion of the destructive Obama presidency giving way to a sequel of The Clintstones is too awful to contemplate. Furthermore, Trump has his own panache and will get votes well beyond the #neverhillary camp.

The reason for the overcast forecast among the insider class is their fear of the Trump foot finding its way into the Trump mouth. No doubt it will, now and then, as all of our little feetsies are wont to do now and again. But unlike past Republican candidates, his mettle will survive pedal incursions.

So I feel I can make two predictions with a fair degree of certitude. One, the Democrat spin cycle with its press panters will discover some more tears in Trump’s suit for the Presidency. The good news is that unlike Hillary in her pressed pants, this Emperor at least has some clothes.

Two, Donald J. Trump will prevail. He will not trip over his own words on the way to the inauguration stand. His campaign will not die from a punch to the solecism plexus, as occurred in the past to many Republicans who lost their grip trying to be the best boy on camera, and wound up being promoted to gaffer.

Why? Why am I so confident that the Democrat media militant-industrious complex cannot use its time-honored methods of demonizing Republican candidates and roasting them in bonfires of the inanities? How do I know that when the journo jurors try to convict Trump they will be the ones hung? What tells me that when the Mainstream Media sharpshooters go after Trump’s foot in his mouth, they will shoot themselves in the foot instead?

The answer is simple. There is a difference between Trump and previous Republican witnesses to Democrat corruption. They were willing to tell the truth and nothing but the truth, but that is not enough to testify before the court. One must also tell “the whole truth” and therein lies the rub.

Most candidates handcuff themselves to their own briefcases by hiring consultants who police their public statements. They check for drunk and disorderly, for assault and battery, for speeding and for parking on the wrong side of the street. By the time these geniuses get done marking up the speeches, the candidates are miles from the nearest controversy. Thus the first blurt that is slightly off message turns into a boo-boo, which gets infected by the reporters, metastasized by the Democrats, and amputated by the cowardly Republicans.

Trump is not sanitizing the truth. Why give a present to the opposition? Why draw lines which leave the opponents’ worst behavior out of bounds? Instead he is telling the truth, “the whole truth,” and nothing but the truth.

Look at the incredible speech he just gave, roasting Hillary Clinton on her corruption alongside her inept governance. No holds barred. He did not shy away from saying she left an American Ambassador to die. Nor did he hesitate to mention the 21 million dollars she made in two years of speeches to bankers. He even wondered aloud why the texts of those orations are shrouded in secrecy. He accused her of sleeping while Americans were killed in Benghazi and lying to their families in the aftermath. He says she bungled Egypt policy, Iran policy, Syria policy, Iraq policy, Libya policy, then he says she gave Laureate University 55 million in government funds of which they kicked back 14 million to her husband. He hits her on bad policy plus bad ethics.

Once your foot is free to kick anywhere, it can land in your own mouth once in a while without devastating consequences. Most Americans agree with me on that, as well as two Corinthians. That should be a recipe for a Trump victory.

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