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Ladies Night at the Theater

The power of prayer proves irresistible, if led by a formidable military chaplain like our nation’s first lady. So what are the Dems going to do now? Call for a boycott of the Lord’s Prayer? No mean sinners ourselves, we keep them in our prayers as they proceed on their ceaseless rounds of mad resistance. Their doggedness continues to inspire and alarm us all.

Justice Ginsburg, for instance, tells the BBC she can see herself hanging in until age 90, which is a ways away for someone still a spry 83. As far as she’s concerned, last month’s Women’s March was tops, though she seemed to warn that the next one might not prefer to be so peaceful.

Loretta Lynch was feted in New York. No surprise drop-by this time by fellow grandparent Bill Clinton, but she knew well enough to thumb her nose at her successor at the Justice Department. And for good measure, she took a shot at the Republican Congress. Testifying before Congress, she recalled “with a wry grin,” “made me wistful for my days in Brooklyn in interview rooms, talking to murderers and getting honest answers.” Makes you wonder whether anyone ever read her her Miranda rights. Anyway, always nice to see an abiding respect for the separation of powers.

We’re finding out more about what Hillary Clinton has been up to since her recent second-place finish and those walks in the woods got boring. Four times now she’s gone to the theater, and at every appearance, reports the New York Times, “Mrs. Clinton is greeted as a vanquished hero — standing ovations, selfies, shouted adulation.” And in case you’ve forgotten, that “reception, of course, is in striking contrast with that received by Mike Pence, then the vice president-elect, when he attended ‘Hamilton’ in November…” Of course. Once the enemy of some people, always the enemy of those same people.

For our money, we’re on Ms. Jenny Heinz’s side in the culture wars. She is the longtime subscriber to the Lincoln Center scene, who, earlier this month, was barred from attending a performance by the Budapest Festival Symphony simply because the back of the jacket she was wearing sported a sign that read: “NO! In the name of humanity we refuse to accept a fascist America.” Management was unmoved by her argument that, once she sat down, the sign would no longer have been visible. Besides, the house lights would have dimmed. Yes, but what about intermission and if she stood up to stretch her legs?

In other signs of the times, there are ditzes and then there are ditzes. Among them, a kid named Chelsea whose Mom never took her to the theater, which means she has never really developed her cerebral skills. Which hasn’t kept her from weighing in on major issues of the day. Hence her tweet, officially from station @ChelseaClinton, “What happened in Sweden Friday night? Did they catch the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators?” Ha, ha. The first part was a dig at the fellow who beat her mom and had pointed out that new immigrants and Sweden don’t mix very well, a hate thought in certain New York circles, apparently. As far as these people are concerned, newcomers to Sweden are greeted as vanquished heroes, with standing ovations, selfies, and shouted adulation.

As for the Bowling Green Massacre perpetrators, here Ms. Chelsea was reviving her sniping from early February directed at St. Kellyanne Conway, the Joan of Arc who saved our country from her mother. One might say, she’s become an anti-Kellyanne obsessive. Of course, who in the resistance has not? These people aren’t exactly original in their hatreds and obsessions. It’s not easy to stand out from the crowd in these conditions, but somehow, a heretofore obscure figure named Patricia McGuire found a way to do so. She is the president of the small college Ms. Conway attended and just like that, in a blog post that went viral among the virulent, blasted away at her school’s most distinguished alum.

So we have our Enemy of the Week, the unimpeachable President McGuire. If it appears we’re scraping the bottom of the barrel here, we apologize. But that’s where the snoots and haters all seem to be congregating these days.

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