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Ladies: Don’t Let the Left Get You Down

Rand Paul thinks women have been victorious and the left wants to argue that we are still losers. Paul’s comments on NBC’s Meet the Press that the “war on women” is as fictitious as unicorns ignited feminist rage:

This whole sort of war on women thing, I’m scratching my head because if there was a war on women, I think they won.

Joan Walsh bemoaned that women still make less than men (cleverly ignoring that the White House of her beloved Obama is one culprit). Amanda Marcotte dug up last week’s discussion regarding “basic medical care” which she defines as free contraceptives and abortions, while simultaneously claiming Paul’s “wealth” is to blame for his blindness to women’s “reproductive rights.”

John Linder (oops, I’m quoting a man—I’m so oppressed) unclothed the feminist agenda for contraceptives and abortions:

What Democrats really mean by reproductive rights is not the right to have children, but the right to not have children. This argument insults women by implying that all they are interested in is reproduction.

Women who claim they cannot succeed without free birth control are selling themselves short. The longer we call ourselves victims, the longer we will remain in bondage. Yes, women have been victimized and brutally treated throughout the centuries. But times have changed and birth control is not our golden ticket to success.

Paul cited some statistics on female achievements that MSNBC’s Adam Serwer questioned:

Women make up less than half of enrollees at law schools, according to the American Bar Association, and are way underrepresented on the federal bench. The percentage of women in medical school is also less than 50%.

We should ask where Paul got his facts, but Serwer ignored the immense progress women have made over the past 60-plus years. In 1947, only 3.5 percent of law students were female. Today? It’s 46.8 percent. Half a century ago, only 5 percent of women had medical degrees. Now? No less than 48 percent. Those are statistics of brilliant triumph, not neglect.

Even teenage women share in this victory. In 2009 American female high school students averaged a 3.10 GPA. Their male counterparts? 2.90.

Democrats who claim that the heavy shackles of male chauvinism still chain women down need to stop complaining and rejoice in the accomplishments of 21st-century women. How does the adage go? Look at the glass half-full?

The left claims to support women, but in order to pass their agendas, they need to keep women on the ground. The story of a woman who enjoys her six children and successful job as an OB-GYN doesn’t conform to what the left desires. The best ammunition they have against her is her father’s bank account.

If women declare victory, the Democrats can no longer tug on heartstrings and boast in sensitivity. They will have to find something more substantial to stand on.

Ladies, we live in one of the best ages to be a woman. The feminists say girls can do anything boys can do. My two cents? We don’t need free birth control to do it.

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