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Kids, Check Your Closet Tonight for Christine O’Donnell

At least, that’s the message the swiftly declining mainstream media would have us believe. O’Donnell is downright scary, they say. She doesn’t earn much and has defaulted on her mortgage. She thinks teenagers shouldn’t have sex before marriage. She’s probably a creationist. She’s pro-life. She’s a Catholic, maybe evangelical.

Quick, kiddies, run and hide.

One of the most egregious examples of the fear mongering is courtesy of CBS News. Like a dog responding to Pavlov’s bell, Dan Rather’s former hangout reacted to O’Donnell’s victory Tuesday night with this pathetic excuse for a news story. For “balance,” the reporter fled to Bill Clinton’s former surgeon general, Joycelyn Elders, to get a range of quotes on why O’Donnell is batty. One of the choicest gems: O’Donnell feels that there should be an absolute ban on abortion.

Elders: Rape is a despicable crime. Just as despicable is the idea that women who get pregnant should not have absolute control over their own bodies.

Huh? So O’Donnell calling for an abortion ban is extreme, but Elders comparing pro-lifers with the “despicable crime” of rape isn’t? The scary part is that reporters and editors at CBS News think so. No wonder they view O’Donnell as a puritanical psychopath. I mean, she thinks first graders shouldn’t get taxpayer-funded condoms? What’s up with that?

Part of the media’s O’Donnell heckling is due to the urban bubble journalists and broadcasters live in. They can’t fathom how an intelligent human being could take the conservative line on human life and sexuality — let alone the deficit — because none of their friends or colleagues do. Their mistake is presupposing that the New York City crowd is an authority on everything — or anything.

There’s also a tinge of frustration in the scorn. Two years after Barack Obama’s ascendancy to the Oval Office and the launch of a new generation of liberal policies, voters are turning on the “hope” agenda en masse. Inside-the-beltway forces can’t fathom it, so they deny it, excuse it, make fun of it — anything to avoid the truth.

Will O’Donnell win? Polling, at least so far, says no. But in a strongly anti-incumbent year, when voters hate just about anyone with a “D” beside their name, anything can happen. And O’Donnell is a prime conduit for anti-Washington sentiment in 2010.

Here’s to O’Donnell for taking a strong stand on social and fiscal conservatism, and refusing to apologize.

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