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Kaepernick Behind the Blackball

The Super Bowl is now a distant memory, and with training camp on the horizon, quarterback Colin Kaepernick, the aspiring Che Guevara of the NFL, is still unemployed and the leftwing media is crying foul.

To refresh your memory, Colin Kaepernick was a once promising player who led his team to the Super Bowl with his electric play. Since then he has been awful, on and off the field. These days he is better known for leading a movement to kneel during the National Anthem before NFL games, wearing clothes that strongly imply that police officers are pigs, and offering effusive praise for the late communist dictator and cold blooded killer Fidel Castro.

At the end of last season with free agency looming, Kaepernick could sense the jig was up if he wanted to stay employed. Subsequently, he announced he would no longer be kneeling during the anthem prior to games and was seen (no coincidence in some people’s minds) handing out coats to parolees in New York City. Look NFL coaches and owners, I’m not the total jerk you think I am!

But still no team has yet to bite, and this is getting the media’s hackles up. Do an internet search of Colin Kaepernick blackballed, and you’ll have plenty of stories to choose from. Note the term blackballed, as if there was something immoral on the NFL’s part about Kaepernick not having a job offer yet. The left loves to use the term blackballed when it applies to one of their own, but you would be hard pressed to find stories from those same writers using the term about conservatives on the outs, such as Ann Coulter being blackballed from speaking in Berkeley or Bill O’Reilly being blackballed from network TV.

It should be no surprise Colin Kaepernick is having a hard time finding a taker. For one, he has not played well the last few seasons. If you’re an NFL team do you really need a backup quarterback so much that by signing him you risk alienating your fan base and then have the extra distraction of the excessive media coverage that comes with him? All this for a quarterback that most likely will start the season on the bench.

Washington Post writer Kevin Blackistone is one of the many with the term blackballed in his headline on Kaepernick’s job search, saying it was “audaciousness” that Kaepernick hasn’t been signed by an NFL team yet. David Edwards, one of Colin Kaepernick’s advisors, buys into the idea that at least some of the teams are blackballing him, saying, “I don’t think there’s any question that there are some owners who wouldn’t have him in the league, much less on their team.” Of course, Kaepernick’s supporters believe that if he isn’t signed by a team soon, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell should get involved and twist some arms until it happens. Talk about chutzpah.

But if the NFL is in effect blackballing Kaepernick, is that such a bad thing? After all, the same media that is upset about Kaepernick’s situation advocates banning and boycotting at the drop of a hat. Ask yourself, if Kaepernick had spent the past few years being a loud advocate against gay marriage and thought gays shouldn’t play in the NFL, what would the media’s reaction be? You can reasonably imagine a howl of protests with news stories and articles of how he should be out-and-out banned from the NFL and advocating that no team sign him. But if Kaepernick shows himself to be a detestable anti-American, anti-police, pro-communist dictator, hey, give the guy a job or else it is unfair.

It is hard to feel any sympathy for Kaepernick. After all he has already grossed millions of dollars, and if he has placed future earnings in jeopardy it is his own fault. He picked this battle and was spectacularly wrong and misinformed about the side he has chosen. Looking at the rising murder rates in cities like Baltimore and Chicago after the anti-police fever that he helped inspire, it is not incorrect to believe he bears some of the responsibility for the carnage. Sadly, some of the victims of the killing spree are some of the same people he claims to support.

Someone will eventually give Kaepernick a chance. And when he moves on to his new team, we can only hope he will be better informed and make better choices this time around. What a waste it would be for his talent to be wasted.

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