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Jordan Peele Can Do What He Wants
Jordan Peele (YouTube screenshot)

Earlier this week there was a bit of a donnybrook over Jordan Peele, the African-American director of the new horror film Usand last year’s horror hit Get Out, saying that he had little desire to pursue what some might call “crossover appeal” with respect to casting his films.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, fresh off the box-office success of the horror movie “Us,” director Jordan Peele said he does not see himself casting a “white dude” as the lead in one of his future films.

“I don’t see myself casting a white dude as the lead in my movie,” Peele said during an appearance at the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre in Hollywood. “Not that I don’t like white dudes. But I’ve seen that movie.”

THR reports that Peele’s comments “drew loud applause and shouts of agreement.”

The “Get Out” director characterized his stance as a sort of renaissance for representation in Hollywood.

“It really is one of the best greatest pieces of this story is feeling like we are in this time — a renaissance has happened and proven the myths about representation in the industry are false,” he said.

In today’s outrage culture, this naturally turned into a “controversial” take, occasioning lots of blowback to Peele for a supposedly racist statement.

But it shouldn’t have been.

Jordan Peele makes movies. He tells stories from what’s inside him. If what’s inside Jordan Peele is stories about black people — if that’s what Jordan Peele understands and if that’s what he’s comfortable doing, then more power to him.

And his movies so far — I can’t say anything about Us, not having seen it — are good. He’s a talented director and his work is nowhere near as bitter and vitriolic as Spike Lee’s tiresome fare.

So if Peele wants to focus on telling black-centric stories starring black actors, let’s judge the work on its artistic merit rather than demanding Peele be constricted by some identitarian, bean-counting politically correct calculus.

But — and this is a big but — let’s make sure that we treat others the same way. Let’s give a rest to the demands that we cast a black or gay James Bond, let’s stop doing gender-bending or “racially-diverse” remakes of perfectly good stories for the sole purpose of pleasing the bean-counters, and let’s stop judging works of art based on how well they represent people with identitarian grievances.

Peele has given us an opportunity to demand the whole stupid cultural Marxist critique go away. Let’s take it. We can assume he’s with us on that project… right?


Conservative comedian Tim Young, whose Twitter is a daily must-see, had this exactly right: “Imagine being so stupid that you not only turned to Rachel Maddow as a credible source to begin with… but continue to do so after she pushed the Russia hoax every night for the past 2.5 years.”

Maddow lost 20 percent of her audience in one night after the Mueller report essentially neutered the Left and the Democrat Party. That bleeding won’t stop, and it’s not just Maddow’s ratings. The mainstream media’s long-awaited reckoning was brought much nearer, and the same is true of the Democrats’ House majority which has nothing to offer the American public less than three months after its installation.

What now for them? They’ve already given up on their idiotic Green New Deal, Medicare for All isn’t going to win an election, Free College will anger the two-thirds of the public without a baccalaureate degree, and now there is no more use in the Trump Derangement Syndrome that whole party has operated on since January of 2017.

This is what a dead end looks like. Plummeting ratings and circulation, desperate politicians like Adam Schiff and Jerrold Nadler, and an enervated, disgruntled support base.

Talking to a Republican member of Congress this week fresh off a committee markup beatdown of a climate change bill, I ran across a very cogent theory — namely that because the Democrats are so disorganized and void of leadership with their two dozen of Lilliputian presidential hopefuls, Trump is in a position to essentially maneuver the Democrat field to get the opponent he wants.

I think that’s probably right. All he has to do is trigger the right set of Democrat voters and he’ll manipulate the primaries into what he wants them to be. With that many candidates in the race, the Democrats don’t have the power to do it themselves.

This is turnabout from the way the mainstream media and the Clinton campaign attempted to manipulate the overcrowded GOP field in 2016 and got Trump. The difference is lightning is unlikely to strike twice — none of those presidential candidates have Trump’s oversized personality and populist appeal, and if any of them have mobilizing issues like immigration and trade were for Trump, which made him stand out from the other 16 Republican hopefuls, I haven’t seen them.

Which makes for bad news for Rachel Maddow and her ilk. They’re now adrift on an unfriendly sea.


As LifeNews noted, every Democrat who voted against the Born Alive bill was on the take from Planned Parenthood. Every single one.

Think about that. And remember that Planned Parenthood gets hundreds of millions of dollars of your tax money to turn around and buy Democrat politicians who will make sure Planned Parenthood gets hundreds of millions of dollars of your tax money to turn around and buy Democrat politicians. It’s like a political perpetual motion machine which is fueled by body parts of dead American babies.

Corrupt and evil aren’t suitable words for such perfect horror as that.


Did you catch Vice President Pence’s challenge to America to return to the moon within the next five years? That was great stuff.

We need to go back to the moon, and we need to do it before the Chinese get there and do with it what they’re doing with Africa, South America, and the rest of the Third World — namely, rape the place of its raw materials and use the proceeds to push a mercantilist economic program toward world domination.

Yes, the federal budget is out of control and therefore it’s frightening to take on an ambitious program like more moon missions. But moon missions are dirt cheap compared to paying people not to work, which is where most of the federal budget goes.

Let’s have more of the former and less of the latter. We already know we can go to the moon. We don’t know that we can redistribute ourselves into prosperity.

Scott McKay
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