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Jindal Budget Cuts Facing ‘Tea Party’ Opposition, Say Hopeful Liberals on Unicorns

Today, the Advocate has posted an article about Louisiana Governor Bobby Jindal’s plan to end a tax break the state currently offers for solar power. The report indicates that Jindal — a prospective Republican Presidential candidate — is facing opposition from a “big tea party gun.” That opposition is Debbie Dooley, who the article names as one “of the 22 organizers of the first nationwide tea party protests in 2009.” Dooley believes, the paper claims with great excitement, “that conservative philosophies are not monolithic.”

“You should be consistent and not just favor one energy source,” Dooley said.

As the chairwoman of Conservatives for Energy Freedom, Dooley has led similar protests against rolling back solar power in Georgia and Florida. [See here and here.]

And in a couple of weeks, she’s coming to Louisiana to help in what this state’s solar industry promises will be a full-court press to protect a tax credit it says is instrumental to installing about 15,000 systems that transform the sun’s rays into electricity in individual homes and small businesses, creating about 1,200 jobs along the way. All of that will end, the industry claims, if Gov. Bobby Jindal succeeds in ratcheting back the tax credit, which is due to expire in 2017, as a way to raise revenues.

Well my goodness. The Tea Party is stepping in to save the day by stopping a corporate-owned governor from turning on the little guy. What a romantic story. Thank goodness there are no ulterior motives that have been conveniently left out. Right?

The Advocate — and no doubt Dooley’s PR team — would have us believe that she’s an out of the box, right-thinking tea party “big gun” who is fighting corporate cronyism. And to prove this, she presents as one of her many credentials the group she founded in 2013 called the Green Tea Coalition. The group is supposedly a conservative, tea party, free market group that happens to support alternative power and sustainability issues (get it? “Green”). The group is a coalition, which counts among its members no less illustrious tea party names as the Tea Party Patriots, Dooley’s group out of Atlanta, and… well that’s it. For Tea Partiers anyway.

You might, however, recognize the names of some of the other members of the coalition: The Sierra Club, Georgia Watch (a pro-Obamacare group), the NAACP, and, oh yeah we forgot, … OCCUPY ATLANTA.

That’s right. Dooley’s “Green Tea” Tea Party-based group for Tea Party values counts organizations like Occupy Atlanta and the AFL-CIO, that have systematically sought to undercut legitimate Tea Party organizations and positions.

In the coming days, expect to hear a lot from Dooley and her crowd about the lack of “transparency” of groups that support Governor Jindal’s position. But don’t be fooled. Transparency isn’t something Dooley and her backers are particularly interested in following through on themselves. For example, last year — in their effort to do work on behalf of Tea Party values — the Green Tea Coalition made a donation to… an Occupy protester. Beyond that, Dooley’s financials arrangements have not been much more transparent than that. Still, it does say Tea in the name and everything, so it must be on the “right” side of the issue. 

We’ll be following this story in the coming days…

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